Kathy Oberg of Atwater Village

I need to write a piece out about Kathy Oberg. It’s long overdue as I have been meaning to make this post for years, ever since I heard her on that hack television show slandering me to the world with her make believe bullshit. I think this was back in ’07 or ’08 when I heard her vicious presentation, but I have no idea when it was recorded since I didn’t get a clear look at the video.

Instead of degenerating down to her level and revealing a bunch of unflattering things about her which would only amount to my airing our dirty laundry, I will only share such facts as reflect on her general, overall character so the readers can decide for themselves how trustworthy she is and how believable her testimony is likely to be.

One thing I can tell you right up front is that she isn’t very honest. About a year ago she robbed one of her clients. She has some sort of landscaping business which she named “Fairy Yardmother. Since her husband is a musician and they have a child, as you can imagine, money is frequently tight with them, so it seems she succumbed to temptation and betrayed the trust placed in her by a naive client in need of landscaping work. Not that this is very unusual behavior for her, but this time she went a little crazy and pocketed $5,000 a costumer gave her towards the purchase of some trees she said she needed for the landscaping project she promised to do for her. The client, Elizabeth Burhop, gave her the money to go get the required plants and Kathy just split with the money and never bothered even starting the promised work. I believe she was ordered by the court recently to give Elizabeth her money back. Unfortunately for Kathy this time she didn’t plan her caper very well since she didn’t get away with it. Perhaps she should just stick to nickle and diming her patrons out of money like she is accustomed to doing. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be over ambitious. A word of advice here for anyone considering making use of her services, it may be worth paying a little bit more just to not have to deal with her shifty tendencies.

Before she settled on the landscaping scam, back when I was dating her in the mid 90’s, she worked at a day care in the L.A. area. She was no more reliable back then because I remember that before her shift started she always smoked a few healthy bongloads before going to work and looking after people’s children. I doubt most of the parents would have been very pleased to know the daycare they entrusted with their children employed a woman who was as high as the proverbial kite all the time she was looking after their little ones.

I always suspected her morals even when I was seeing her. I remember once when she was real stoned she told me about how she would just go to bars to pick up men for sex. I don’t know whether she was trying to impress me with this sort of talk, but it was this along with her general lack of basic ethics or morality that finally lead me to the decision to end our relationship.

If you wish to believe her stories about how mean to her and abusive I was toward her in the bedroom that is your privilege, but I’d be wary of anything she has to say about anything given her record.



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