Mitch Early

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This post is still under construction and is a long way from being finished.

One very annoying fact about certain people is that they always complain about their own problems as being too much to deal with, even as insurmountable obstacles most of the time, yet they habitually make too light concerning other peoples difficulties. These people think they have easy answers to other people trials, unfortunately they frequently have no idea what they are talking about.

I recently broke off communication with Mitch Early, who I had known for over 34 years because he annoyed me one too many times by making far too light out of a very undeniably serious series of horrible obstacles I have always before me which create for me a very unenviable situation I am forced to live under. I had asked a hypothetical question of the general public to get some ideas on how I may approach writing fiction about the nightmare that has been made of my life. You know, I was just trying to make the best of a bad situation. That’s what us creative people spend a lot of time doing, you know. Fucking Mitch butts in and tells me to just entirely ignore how my entire existence is being criminally slandered routinely and just live my own life. How fucking stupid is that? Of course if a man is being constantly slandered and accused of being every vile thing one can think of no one will want to do a damned thing for him. It’s like saying, “Air and sunshine are free so don’t worry that no one wants to feed you!”

I’ve always been very annoyed every time he’s preached this ignorant sermon of his to me, but I’ve since thought about it much deeper and the conclusions I came to made it impossible for me to stand the babbler of that moronic nonsense.

I’ve long been pretty convinced that that show offers financial rewards to those willing to go on it and say what they want them to say about me. Also keep in mind they are also rewarded with being on television, which I guess is a big deal to certain types of people. Mitch is one of those types who is always hard up for money, and it is getting harder and harder for him as all the legends surrounding his past scams have done little to brighten his reputation. Understandably most smart and informed people are wary of going into business with him or trusting him with money considering his past record. I have very little doubt he has accepted money from those scumbags for saying unflattering things about me on their cable program. So his telling me to ignore that illegal slander-fest is really much more than him making light of my misery, he is trying to minimize, in his own conscience at least, all the damage he has helped wrought upon my life in his pursuit of easy money from questionable sources.

This is easy to believe because it seems to have become the pattern of his life. Anyway, if this post gets back to Mitch I really don’t see how he has any right to be upset about it considering this is just a chintzy little blog on the internet. Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, certainly nothing compared to a television broadcast. A TV broadcast, which, by the way, promotes a very fancy website with state of the art html dedicated to doing everything it can to destroy my life. Apparently Mitch doesn’t feel any of this is a big deal. He thinks I should have no problem rising above this morass of high tech defamation.

Well, I think it would be only fair here if I were to ask Mitch to put himself in my situation. I would have him consider how his life would be going if there was a broadcast about him going on behind his back for the past few decades that not only tried to expose every questionable thing he has ever done, but even reveled in publishing half truths, exaggerations, and even outright lies about his exploits. Basically it gladly gives voice to anything incendiary. Anything that evokes strong feelings from the viewer. The show is so fixated on doing this that it frequently sacrifices the truth in the name of maintaining this dramatic tension. I’m sure Mitch would frequently notice people behaving oddly towards him, people will occasionally say cryptic things to him and even dislike him for no reason he can understand, but since no one tells him about the ongoing program he will just dismiss these things by blaming them on random human foibles.

Can he even imagine what a field day these people would have had back when he was in college when he was constantly drinking and doing drugs all the time? One wonders if he would have been able to find anyone willing to have anything to do with him if everybody knew his irresponsible and frequently not altogether honest behavior created all kinds of problems for those around him. Then, assuming he could find anyone to marry him, think of how much material they’d have had to play with when he couldn’t even hold down a job to support his wife and children because of his drinking? As hard as I’m sure that period was for him he has no idea how hard it would have been with the additional weight of all that fucking media bullshit dragging him down further.

I wonder how they would have presented it to the public when he decided to abandon his wife and three babies to run off with some old slut he met at a nudist resort? Oh, I’m sure he has his own side of the story, but I guarantee they wouldn’t have given him an opportunity to present it to the public because he’d still be oblivious to the whole damned conspiracy. I can assure you he wasn’t presented in any kind of endearing light, so needless to say he won’t get much sympathy during the hard times like when his “partner” finally succumbed to her excesses. I also doubt he’d have had the opportunity to scam all those people since no one would trust him worth a damn. I have no doubt even Ella Jay would have known enough to avoid his snares. Come to think of it I doubt Belize would have allowed him to even live in their country for so long due to his dishonorable reputation. This would have put him through so many hardships because, as I’ve no doubt the show would tell everybody, he just wanted to become a citizen of that banana republic just to get out of paying child support for his three little babies back in the States. When he got that huge inheritance when his jewish mother died he didn’t want to share it with his kids! Oh no, he needed all that money for his insatiable crack habit. I can only imagine what a field day that Community Access show would have had with that information!!

He seems to get along with his kids alright now, 16 years later, but I’m sure his daughters wouldn’t feel very comfortable around him if they knew he’s slept with his biological sister back in the 80’s. I don’t know, but I assume if they are anything like most normal girls they would be a little grossed out by that bit of news.

But I guess Mitchell just doesn’t have the necessary empathy to put himself in anyone else’s place.

I’m not even trying to do anything bad and my life is hell on earth. I can’t even imagine what would have become of him were he in my place. I find it funny how he’s always groaning about his money woes, yet at the same time he always seems to have plenty of cigarettes, alcohol and weed. Because of this character assassination I’ve endured which he has both participated in and helped keep secret from me I have had to go hungry for long stretches and even had to live without an address for an appreciable spell. Yes, this thing has agitated this neurotic community to such a point I can’t even get the crappiest of jobs, yet he feels comfortable not only complaining about his imaginary troubles to me, he even hits my girlfriend up for cash and free stuff behind my back. What a weasel.

All I can say is if things are this bad for me and I am a pretty good person, I’d hate to think what a mess Mitch would be if he had to go through the same thing. I honestly think most of these people who are badmouthing me would have killed themselves if they had to go through half of what I have had to go through.

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