Month: November 2014

Shopping for and buying Kratom


Although kratom is legal in most states so far, trying to find useful product for a reasonable price can be as difficult as finding a good dope connection. Of course it helps if you already know a long time kratom user who knows where to get the good stuff, but if you don’t the best advice I can give you is to join or lurk on one of the kratom forums online. When I first got interested in trying it I didn’t know there were any Kratom forums online and just bought from random vendors I found on google. I don’t know if it was because the leaves were gathered from young plants or that they were sitting on the shelf for a few years and had gone stale, but I never seem to get much out of it except a slight general anesthetic effect.

For information on the history and benefits of kratom follow this link:

It wasn’t long till I found out about the various kratom forums like


The first two seem to me to be the best, but there are a few others. Just google “kratom forums” and see what’s available.

I got some pointers on where to look and I eventually found some good sources. One I can recommend is . They have a large variety from which to choose, plus the guy always gives you a little extra into the bargain. He’s a nice guy selling a quality product. The only complaint I have is he is east coast so it takes the better part of a week to receive my purchases.


 I eventually settled on a company called Kratora quality ethnobotanicals. Their web address is . Their prices are a little higher than Q imports, and quite a bit higher on some strains, but their Maeng Da Kratom (sometimes called “pimp grade” for some reason) was the absolute best Kratom I ever had, but it cost dear, nearly $20 an ounce. I liked it so much that after I bough my regular ounce I decided I may as well buy it in bulk so it would cost me a little less. Unfortunately the quality wasn’t nearly as good as I was used to and I was stuck with an awful lot of the stuff. I told them I wasn’t very happy with my purchase and they said they had a money back guarantee and I met all the requirements for being eligible for it. It was less than a month since I bought it and I had more than 75% of it left. The only thing that kind of puzzled me is that they said it could take up to three weeks for me to get my refund. I asked them why that was and they got sort of evasive about it, but after a little back and forth they finally implied that it has something to do with the bank. I figured that wouldn’t be a problem for me since the money will be immediately available to me upon deposit so I wrapped the stuff up and went off to the post office and mailed it to them. I paid extra for a tracking number so they couldn’t claim they never received it. It cost me a little less than $6 and I had to eat that cost. I was glad I did it though because according to USPS tracking it arrived there the very next day. This was a little over a week ago and, well, you guessed it, I’ve not yet been issued a refund. I even emailed them right after it arrived to inform them of the fact since I don’t know what kind of set up they have over there and I don’t know how the communication is between the front desk and other parts of the operation. I get the impression they are being kind of pissy because I actually want a refund since they never wrote me back. Fine, I wont talk to them again till three weeks have expired, but if I’ve not been refunded by then I will definitely start making noise.


Meanwhile I’ve been using another company I found online, Health, Body & Mind Company. Their web address is:

Their prices are MUCH lower than Kratora and it’s pretty good stuff. I want to try their top of the line stuff, they call it Plantation-Maeng Da. Actually I need to do it soon because tomorrow I will use what precious little I have left. Unfortunately I will have to wait till I get paid before I can re-up and that won’t be for a few days.

I could really use that refund now!!

I’ve done quite a bit of online research and according to everything I’ve read Kratom doesn’t do any harm to the liver, so that’s great! In fact it seems that moderate usage is entirely without any negative side effects and entails no health risks.

Also, even assuming you binged on the stuff for a year or two withdrawals are negligible, certainly no where near what they are for opioids. So, from where I’m sitting Kratom is quite a wonderful discovery. Of course, like anything else you don’t want to go overboard. I think I posted a few stories about people going crazy and doing unbelievable amounts of the stuff. Personally I find this all kind of hard to believe if only for the fact it’s such a pain in the ass doing the stuff. At least it is for me because I can’t stand the taste of it and it makes me gag.

Drugs – Dope in the 50’s

Drugs in 1950’s – LA Juvenile Court footage, including heroin, marijuana, and sleeping pills. Dope addicts in the dating scene. People forget western drug use is hundreds of years old and the 50’s was a period where people lived the delusion that everyone was squeaky clean. The death penalty was asked for ” Dope Peddlars ” as they said it was ” the Reds ” who were pushing it. Of course they were, not directly, but through subversive books, music and movies.