Shaye Saint John:Skin Tape

Baby’s got a skin tape session. Baby Bottle Ball Bath. Give it up for skin tape!
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      1. According to Wikipedia his ancestry is Irish, English, Norwegian, and Danish, even though his real name, Osterberg (a city in Bavaria) does sound like it could be a Jew name. I actually have an old live recording of him from the 70s where he rants that he wouldn’t sell out for “all the money in Israel”.

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      2. Are you seriously trying to tell me that someone who is famous for not having any talent is antisemitic?
        Next thing you know you’ll be telling me Tiny Tim is Hitler’s illegitimate son.


      3. I love Iggy Pop. Absolutely one of my favorite classic rockers. He also complains about “money fags” and “butt-fuckers” trying to “run my world” in the Stooges classic and live staple “Head On”. You know what that means.

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