Dinosaurs Attack / Planet Terror

Another set of jew made trading cards for kids, chockablock full of gratuitous violence and superfluous gore.

The Zionist social engineering has progressed according to plan, so unlike the “Mars Attacks” cards of 24 years earlier, this time parental outcry was minimal. Fortunately these cards were never very popular at the time, although now they are much sought after collector’s items.



  1. Have you ever seen that set of “Illuminati” cards that came out years before 9/11? Two of the cards showed, respectively, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon being destroyed. The whole “Illuminati” thing is just a red herring as far as I’m concerned, since it makes everything abstract and distracts from the on-the-ground reality of Jews doing this stuff to us; but the eeriness of that “Illuminati” card game, the same as all those suspiciously prescient movies, is difficult to shake.


      1. I don’t even really have disposable income and don’t treat myself to much more than movie rentals. I’ve got so many movies and books in my apartment, anyway, that I don’t even have space for much more and have old used books and things in stacks on the floor. I’ll let you have this one if you want it – although I have to think that some obscure anti-Semitic tome of years gone by would be a worthier investment.

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      2. There are a lot of excellent jew books out there, but I decided not to buy anymore. They really fucking depress the hell out of me.
        Those people are a curse, a cancer. It really disturbs me how fucking evil they really are.
        I just collect and display the racial stuff on my blog, I don’t look at this stuff for recreation.
        Blacks are just stupid, impulsive apes, I don’t think they even know what they are doing half the time, but jews are Satan incarnate. They actually plan all this stuff out and derive a perverse joy from messing people up. They really make me sick.

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      3. A couple days ago I overheard some educated black women gabbing with each other and giggling, and it all basically boiled down to black power and “reparations” to get back at “Jim Crow”. They were even having a laugh at the expense of white liberals. Meanwhile they’re just tools of Jews and don’t have a clue.

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      4. The well kept secret everybody intuitively knows: “Niggas is dumb as rocks”.
        Ever try and debate with an israeli jew? “It’s not our fault you people don’t take enough pride in your countries and let all those immigrants in!”
        I swear, I’d love to punch their hook noses flat across their ugly faces.
        If there is a God he must hate us, otherwise why would he allow jews to even exist?

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