The Night Life in My Town!!



  1. I’m surprised you didn’t remark on the skeleton in the American flag dress in the Monday Night Part 2 video. It speaks for itself, though.

    Interesting theory on the meaning of the piggy bank. An alternate anti-Semitic reading would be that it keeps the Jew away and that the money is safe because pork is taboo to them.

    I bought wine a couple of times when I first moved out on my own and thought it would be neat to have the refrigerator in my swinging bachelor pad stocked with something sophisticated. It’s basically a waste of money, though. You drink it and then it’s gone, and all you keep is the calories. Every once in a while I’ll have a beer with my Aryan Skynet associate Don Logan, but I don’t get a kick out of drinking for the most part. It just makes me tired and too sleepy to do anything productive. I never felt comfortable being in liquor stores, anyway.

    The plastic bags at Walmart are the worst. They’re so cheaply made that there are literally little holes in the bottoms, which can expand under pressure. One time this dindu cashier only single-bagged some bottles of tea I bought and one shattered as soon as I was in my parking garage. They probably figure the more stuff you lose through the bottom of your sack, the better, because then you’ll have to buy more to replace it.

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    1. I noticed that skeleton in the flag dress too, but it was such an easy target I figured I’d leave it for the viewers to question.
      Plastic bags are cheap, I usually like to triple bag my groceries with them if they don’t have paper, but in the next town over they started charging people 10 cents a bag, for the environment of course.
      When I was younger alcohol would color things up a bit, now it just knocks me out, so I only drink once in a great while before going to bed.
      Yep, I live in a swingin’ town all right!

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      1. I had to venture out of the ghetto today to get my driver’s license renewed and found myself in the vicinity of a hippie dippie health food store, so I treated myself to a few bottles of different flavors of kombucha. Have you ever had this stuff? It’s fermented and just has a trace amount of alcohol, but it’s got more of a kick to it than flavored tea. Wikipedia says the health benefits are “unsubstantiated”, though, so I’m afraid it wouldn’t give you any salutary hallucinations.

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      2. Nope, never heard of this kombucha of which you speak. Is that fermented yak’s blood from Africa or something?
        Stay away from hippies. Nothing good has ever come from then. Learn from my experience!
        Actually it may be a fun idea to disguise yourself like one and infiltrate their community. This way you can either cause trouble for them or write a book about your experiences. Instead of “Black like me” you could call it “Groovy like me” or something.
        I’d do it myself but I can’t stand smoking that much weed.

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      3. Kombucha is supposed to be made from fermented tea, but none of the kinds I’ve tried taste like any kind of tea I’ve had. They’ve got all sorts of weird varieties of flavors that useful idiot Portlandites and Madisonians must like: Gingerberry, Guava Goddess, and so forth. You can tell by the design of the bottles that they’re going for the new age market.

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