Shop until you plop!


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  1. Maybe the question we ought to ask ourselves as a movement when we feel like indulging our taste buds is, “Would an Arno Breker model eat this?” I do occasionally buy some fast food, but I never feel right when I do. Not just because all fast food is poisonous and a ripoff, but because any revenue these places take in tends to support the anti-white agenda. Hardly any whites are employed in food preparation where I live, so it’s just blacks and mestizos handling the victuals.

    My grandmother got one of those fake fireplace things. It’s depressing whenever I see it around the holidays, because it just reminds me of when I was young and she kept a real fire going in the family room and how it used to fascinate me to stare at all the little nuances of the flames and the orange glow and sparks off the wood. She’s 95 years old now, though, so she understandably doesn’t want to fool with firewood and all that; but the synthetic hearth is as symbolic as anything of the plastic values America represents now. A machine in a corner generating repetitive artificial warmth.

    Did you hear about this?

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