That fucker just slapped a snake like it owed him money!



  1. I’ve got a bootleg of this that I ordered from the now defunct Shocking Videos years ago. Shocking videos was run by one guy, the foul-mouthed Mark Johnston, who had hundreds of obscure movies in his catalog. He had everything from porn to Indonesian horror movies. The advent of streaming and the popularization of a lot of his movies through cheaper mainstream editions put him out of business, I guess; but I’ve held onto some of the discs I got from him as artifacts of a disappeared era. Some of his videos weren’t even movies, but were just raw video obscurities. I remember he had one that was supposedly a video of a guy digging up a corpse in a cemetery, and another one that was a backstage video of the Go-Gos drunkenly raising hell. Now people just get on YouTube and the world is at their fingertips; weirdness doesn’t have the same novelty it did when we didn’t have the instant gratification of the internet.

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    1. Was the guy a jew? Jews frequently use excessive profanity to express themselves. That’s likely where the negroes got it from, just like a lot of their other charming traits, like whining and begging.
      I don’t know anything about disc catalogs, but in the San Fernado Valley we had a place called “Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Night Matinee”. Some jew guy who worked for Warner Brothers for years ran it with his family. We saw tons of outtakes from popular shows there, and boy, those jew actors had the foulest mouths imaginable. That fat guy from the TV series “Cannon” was the worst. That guy could swear a purple streak over nothing. Saw a lot of unused footage from the original Star Trek series and old 70’s commercial bloopers. Swearing, nudity, gay and lesbian sex. I learned more about jews from that place than I ever could from a skin head web site!

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      1. Johnston wasn’t a Jew as far as I know, but that was back before I was redpilled on them. You really think blacks have to be taught profanity? Come on, man, can’t you at least credit them with the invention of SOMETHING? We all know they couldn’t build a dog house, let alone the pyramids; but let them at least have the invention of cursing as some sort of consolation prize.


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