Dr. Seuss and the Civil War



  1. I did a report on Dr. Seuss for a class years ago and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t Jewish. As I recall, his family was actually on the receiving end of anti-German sentiment during the First World War. They did make him look very Jewish on that cover, though.

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      1. A guy I’m fairly curious about is the pianist Glenn Gould, whose recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations (sort of Jewish-sounding title) made him a star back in the 50s. Supposedly, the Gould family was originally the Golds, but changed it so as not to provoke anti-Semitism, which was apparently pretty widespread in Canada in the first half of the twentieth century. “Gould” is still pretty Jewish-sounding, though, since the only other Gould I can think of off-hand is Elliott. Gould’s eccentricity and media-hyped musical genius don’t do much to dispel the perception of some that he was Jewish, but according to most accounts he wasn’t.

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      2. My grandfather on my father’s side was from Canada and hated jews so I find that observation interesting.
        Of course the YKW certainly can’t be relied upon to be forthcoming about much of anything.
        The cows don’t need to know the farmers business I guess, eh?

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      3. I don’t know much about Canadian attitudes toward Jews, except that the Social Credit theories of Major C.H. Douglas had a popular following there at one time. Douglas, of course, has been criticized for his horrible “anti-Semitism”.

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