A New Kind of Loser (Latest Deviantart Journal Entry)

0000000 by Germanicus-Fink

I’ve not updated the ole journal in quite some time, so here goes!
This is a weird website and for a lot of reasons. One weird thing about it that puzzles me is why it doesn’t have any serious competition. Certainly there is room on the World Wide Web for at least one more serious artists’ site, but it’s just one of those things, like youtube and facebook where it seems there can be “only one sheriff in town”. Personally I think it has to do with their plans to “streamline” the web.

Also have you noticed that Google seems to be slowly swallowing up the internet? Eventually they want to have not only all internet sites and services owned by Google, they will have it so EVERYONE will have to use their real name online and, of course, all your personal information will be easily and readily available for anyone who wants it. This is useful not only for marketing research, which is a huge business, but also for political control since most smart people will be wary of expressing any unpopular opinions on the internet when any uptight lunatic can find out everything about them, including where they live and work and the names and locations of all their friends and relatives, simply by doing a Google search.
As you know Facebook already has that idiotic policy where you have to use your real name if you want an account there. Not only is their audacity for making such a requirement shocking, but the fact they have not been seriously challenged legally over this is also somewhat curious. There was a bit in the news lately where female impersonators challenged this policy because many of them worked under stage names, but I’ve not heard the outcome of that disagreement. Likely it just didn’t get anywhere because if FB allowed that exception it would have opened the door to other such requests to be exempt from their requirement and they obviously don’t want to go there, not only because it would cost them money, but political control is one of their aims and that can only work if they know who everybody is. Don’t act surprised, social engineering is at the top of their agenda, just look at how FB is censoring European FB posts about the present immigrant crisis.
Cross dressers’ stage names aside, there are scads of legitimate reasons not to want to use your real name online. The biggest one being the one I just alluded to, that there are tons of bat shit insane people on the web. I have recently read of a few cases where people have been murdered as a result of online disagreements. At least one of these cases involved Facebook users. Sounds to me like an innovative lawyer could get at FB’s deep pockets representing the family of the murdered Facebook user since Facebook makes everyone use their real information, despite how dangerous the internet can be, but since most good lawyers have an interest in maintaining the Status Quo and move in the same circle as the people who run FB, I don’t suppose we should be overly surprised no one has upset the apple cart so far.
Actually, all that is not why I started this post, I was originally wondering about all the different types attracted to a site like this. From the name one would assume it’s just a place where professional artists show off their work, where their fans come to view their work, and where amateurs post their work for critique. But, as with anything else that gets big, everybody wants to get in on the act. You have kids scanning page after page of bad anime drawings on lined notebook paper that they obviously did when they should have been paying attention in class, and people just posting millions of pictures of their pets, their vacation shots, all kinds of junk like that. Basically the site is commonly used as an online scrapbook and photo album for a lot of people. Some people even just post naked pictures of themselves and their friends. Not all of these pictures even fall under the ‘artistic’ category either.
I have a little bit of everything on this account. Drawings, paintings, printmaking, cartoons, sculptures, poetry and prose, vacation pictures, art photography, computer work, hell, just about anything you can think of.
So, basically this site is pretty eclectic. Some people don’t even join to share anything about themselves, but rather to troll and harass other members. Plus there are also lots of weirdos and idiots here pushing all kinds of retarded agendas. I recall there was one mentally unbalanced bitch who was on a crusade to cleanse DA of nudes, yet her own account glorified suicide. All her pictures and poems had to do with suicide. Pretty sick, she was a middle aged woman encouraging suicide on a site rife with confused and depressed teens, yet she wanted to protect us all from accidentally seeing naked people. Some people have twisted priorities.
My own opinions on the nude in art are pretty ambiguous. I know the nude has a long tradition in visual art. The thinking has always been that in order to truly understand the human figure and how it moves, that one must practice drawing it uncovered. Ironically, even understanding how fabric drapes itself over the body requires drawing it free from such covering. As true as this may be for people who make their living by art, who can deny that the current tsunami of online pornography isn’t largely responsible for today’s ongoing and ever worsening epidemic of degeneracy? I suppose that, to be fair, rather than blaming the art tradition we need to go back to the Butler v. State of Michigan decision of 1957. This was a landmark case where it was decided that most forms of pornography are protected under the free speech amendment. I find it ironic that the same people who insist showing photos to the public depicting disgusting sexual acts is legitimate free speech are usually the same people who want to shut down serious political discussion by smearing it as “hate speech”. In many Western countries you can even be sent to prison for reciting black crime statistics or denying the holocaust, even though both things rely on provable scientific fact so are not just antisocial opinions. So, basically someone’s right to publish any kind of bizarre pornography is guaranteed, while someone voicing opposition to losing their constitutionally assured right of free association or expressing thier displeasure at having their kids lied to and taught pseudoscience at school leaves them open to ongoing harassment or even imprisonment. Given this sad state of affairs it’s really no wonder civilization is presently swirling around in the toilet bowl.
I admit I went through a phase where I was really into pornography, but I was also hard into drugs so I suppose it was natural that I was more susceptible to other degenerative influences at that time.
Some people don’t need to be under the influence of any illicit substances to get lost in the wonderland of a vicarious love life. In the wacky world of illicit adult material you can run into some pretty weird characters. I recently stumbled upon one such interesting loser right here on DA and he’s an interesting case study.
It started out when I noticed this really caustic and abrasive asshole who seemed to have dedicated his life to harassing creators of what he considered to be ‘bad porn’. Naturally he also had pictures pulled down and accounts closed when the opportunity presented itself. Apparently he coordinated his efforts with a small cadre of like minded people and they all focused on the same perceived offenders to ensure the fulfillment of their desired aims. A rag tag group it was too, full of bronies, furries and just about any other type of misfit you can think of. You’d think that “bad porn” would be the least of their problems. I guess there’s no accounting for people’s priorities.
Anyway, I took an instant disliking to this jerk. It was obvious he was one of those types who only felt alive when he was stirring up trouble for it’s own sake. He had crafted this disagreeable online persona and tried to talk down to everyone he took issue with. He is your typical internet tough guy, all froth and bluster with no substance. Based on both his attitude and his obsession with pornography, along with his simple mind set I had him pegged for a black teen with too much time on his hands. That is, until I got into it with him at one point and a slip up on his behalf proved otherwise.
As I said he makes much of an effort to try to be as insulting as possible. One can tell he’s a pretty miserable person based on this alone. I really need to learn to just avoid these types of psychos, but, unfortunately, I’ve always had a sort of unwholesome fascination with crazy people. His shtick mostly consisted of harassing and insulting those who posted “bad porn”, usually with his merry gang of esteemed DA friends chiming in and trying to close the perceived offender down if he depicted too much moisture on a twat or showed a cock being a little too stiff. This obviously wasn’t any kind of moral campaign since one could tell by looking through their favorites that none of them were prude about pornography in general, so I don’t think they were keen on protecting children or upholding any general conception of morality. It is all clearly a petty power trip they’re on. I can only imagine most of them must have been jealous of anyone who could find attractive women willing to pose for such pictures. I really can’t think of any other justification these people could have for dedicating as much time and effort to hunting down pornographers who crossed certain (arbitrary) lines.

He saw some pictures I took on one of my vacations in San Francisco, so, being the mental giant he is, he automatically assumed I was a homosexual based on this so being the big person he is, he was fond of relentlessly mocking me because of this mistaken impression. Of course he was also fond of claiming that I was too old to be messing with a kid like him and that he was just going after people who were breaking the rules anyway, so what was my problem? I guess we are to believe a huge site like this with all the money they have needs help from random losers like him to keep the place running smoothly.

At some point in our exchange I must have struck a nerve because suddenly some old fart attacked me out of left field during our discussion. This puzzled me a bit at first, I mean, why would this old guy be so passionate about defending this punk’s obsession with sex pictures? Initially I thought the old guy was one of this clown’s sock puppet accounts that he was using in an effort to intimidate me by making me feel out numbered. There was the fact he spoke in exactly the same nasty, belittling way as this porn vigilante and had the same limited vocabulary, so I knew they were both the same person. Then I googled the images on this old guy’s account and found they didn’t show up anywhere else online. Apparently they were really his own original snaps. Plus it was a paid account, although why someone would pay good money to showcase his lame cellphone snaps of the sky (page after page!) is beyond me. It was evident that my original impression of the situation was backward. This old guy was the real culprit pretending to be the young renegade, not the other way around.
What obviously just happened was that I managed to get this self styled superhero so stamping mad that he forgot himself and revealed his secret identity to me.
I found this new turn of events very interesting. This guy was as old as the hills and twice as dusty yet he had such a huge passion for porn he made a sock puppet account in which he could indulge it. Understandably he didn’t want his friends and family to know the extent of his perverted obsession.
What I found most amusing about the whole affair was that despite all his tough guy talk he didn’t prove to be overly intelligent since he was so easily slipped up.
I also found it interesting that despite him ribbing me about being too old to be bugging ‘a kid like him’ he must easily be 30 years my senior and he regularly amuses himself not only by pleasuring his shriveled pud to pictures of young butts and wieners a fraction of his age, he routinely harasses and intimidates kids on DA who have the gall to post porn he doesn’t personally approve of.
Top kek
I guess it takes all kinds!
I know this isn’t much to base a post on, but since I haven’t posted in a while I figured I’d just use it and get it out of the way.
See you next post!


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