Raymond Stein



This guy is as unsettling as he is negative. What I find most puzzling about him is the obviously cynical contradiction he endeavors to embody, he’s quite obviously a very grimly sardonic individual, yet he is trying to sell himself as encouraging and optimistic. The result is a very creepy caricature that will give any truly sensitive being an annoying case of the willies. Ironically enough I think he is involved with some kind of multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. As for his real source of income I think it is safe to assume he’s on the dole since I doubt his innate powers of salesmanship could even provide him with the meanest of fare, unless maybe he had a monopoly on some vital goods or services. I’m petty sure he does not.

I knew this guy in High school and nobody liked him. He was an acquaintance of mine that I knew through someone else. I don’t recall that he had any real friends, just various people he smoked weed with.

Actually he went from casual acquaintance to enemy pretty fast as I recall. Back in 11th or 12th grade he played a trick on a mutual contact of ours where he gave him some powdered Tylenol and told him it was cocaine. Of course when this guy found out about it he was very upset, so rather than fess up to it, Ray blamed me for it and threatened me with violence if I didn’t agree to take the fall for him despite the fact I didn’t profit at all by his scheme. I really didn’t care about the situation one way or another since I went to a different school than either of them at the time so I didn’t feel I needed to really agree or disagree to take the blame since, not having to deal with either one of them, it was a non-issue as far as I was concerned.

Certainly this otherwise bland nonentity deserves some recognition if only for being one of the most seriously creepy motherfuckers I’ve ever met, which is saying a lot. One thing I do recall about him that just didn’t sit well with me was that he had an unwholesome sexual obsession with large black women. There could usually be seen, scattered among the unkempt debris which always littered his room, a few pornographic, glossy magazines dealing with this fetish. This, collaged on top of his constant cynical remarks and put downs, against a back drop of his usual fatalistic negativity just gave him a very uncomfortable and disturbing aura that made him extremely unpleasant to be around.



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