1. American commercial streets are so ugly these days. Everything, from the lifeless signage, the sail flags, and ubiquitous Spanish, to these damn air-animated whatzits. Businesses in my area don’t even seem to be designed with permanence in mind. Somebody will move into a space, hang something in a window, and maybe put a sloppily scrawled sign on the sidewalk. There’s a cell phone store a few blocks from me that has one of those wind-whipped maniac attention-getters and likes to couple the embarrassing sight with blasted jungle music that fills the whole street. It’s all so primitive – an impression enhanced by the beauty shops and clothing stores displaying the gaudy wares designed to make black women look like presentable human beings. Those, and the furniture and electronics rental services – a mandatory feature of any thriving ghetto community.


      1. I used to know a liberal mixed-race couple (a Mexican and a self-loathing white woman) who actually campaigned to get a payday loans place near their home closed because of the elements it attracted to their neighborhood. That’s the way it generally is with liberals: shit for thee and thine neck of the woods, but not for mine.

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