Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!



  1. I’m still haunted by the humiliation of finding out Santa Claus is fake. I remember exactly how I learned. Some older boys had laughed at me for still believing in the legend – I was in the second grade – and I related this to my father, who apparently decided it was time to tell me the truth. So one night, maybe a couple of weeks before Christmas, we went to Domino’s to pick up a pizza we’d ordered, and I was going to wait in the car. “I’ll have a surprise for you when I come back,” my father said. This was puzzling. I knew it wouldn’t be a gift since Christmas was so close at hand. What could it be? Well, he came back with the pizza and told me Santa Claus doesn’t exist. So my father had been lying to me all those years – that was the real surprise! I suppose that was my first awareness of the conspiracy-saturated nature of the universe.

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