Attack of the Beast Creatures

ICAreviews needs to review this one.

Maybe it was forewarning of the Muslim invasion of Europe 30 years in the future?

From the comments:

“This film was produced because the documentary of Chattel Island was suppressed by the authorities. Chattel Island, in the Gulf of Mexico, was bombed under the waves in 1996 in a secret operation known as QUIET TIME. I know about it only because I was nearby when the incident happened. The “beast” people did exist, and they exist on numerous other islands around the world. This is another fact suppressed by authorities. In various parts of the world this “acid water” comes to the surface and mutates primates who get exposed to it in minute quantities. They become stunted and aggressive. They become meat eaters.  The incident exposed by the documentary involves a tour boat that held 5 adults and 4 children. The boat (BRADY II) actually ran aground just off shore, destroying the prop and causing the vessel to sink. The only survivor, known as Sam in the documentation I uncovered, told authorities about the inhabitants and what had happened to the others. It took two days for rescue to arrive, due to the fact (cited by the Coast Guard) that the island was uncharted. The casualties appear to have happened during the first night. According to Sam, most of the adults tried to protect the children until near dawn, when there was only Sam and the Capt. of the BRADY II left. During the final assault, Sam claimed the Capt. threw the children to the beasts, who devoured them in a spray of blood and guts. Sam claims he had an altercation with the Capt and fled at that point. Rescuers found him on the extreme East end of the horseshoe-shaped island, incoherently babbling and covered with strange bite marks that could not be positively identified as coming from any known creature. The beast creatures kill thousands of people each year in various locations. The victims are listed as “missing at sea.” The horror of the beast creatures is real, and pray to god you never go on a cruise that sinks and leaves you stranded on one of their islands.”


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