Hulk and his dad

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    1. Fuck! That sucks.
      You should have grown up in the seventies like I did. No one would have gave a damn what you did.
      Wait, I take that back. One of my math teachers wasn’t very enthusiastic about the cartoons of little china men I drew all over my assignment, but I’m not sure whether she was offended or just didn’t like me decorating my homework with drawings wacist or not.
      I guess if you did that nowadays the teacher would just be glad you weren’t trying to rape or kill them or one of the other students.
      Wait, I guess that’s only if you’re brown or black since Whites are still expected to be somewhat productive. Someone has to be responsible to pay all that welfare.

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      1. I was an okay student in school, but not very mature or very well-behaved, and I used to talk back to my instructors (who I now know were only my brainwashers – those bitches and bastards!). That high school art teacher was the worst, though. She was a real airhead and would, for instance, use the word “transgression” when she meant “transition”, etc. A real feud developed between us after I jokingly said she had “communist sympathies”. She acted like I’d called her a pedophile or something, and I honestly don’t think she was entirely sure what the word “communist” signified. Anyway, this thing got totally out of hand, with neither of us handling it very well, and I ended up doing things just to piss her off and got suspended for a week in addition to being kicked out of the class. Schools were already pretty much totalitarian LGBTQ safe space fag factories back in the 90s, although not nearly as horrible as now. I remember getting sent to the office once to talk to my counselor because I had called this foreign exchange student from China a “pretty boy” and he had reported me to the administration for it. This was around the time that the Columbine massacre happened, and I’m pretty sure that had an immediate impact on how the school staff viewed me since they perceived me as a weirdo troublemaker. “That guy made a collage with a pro wrestler biting a womyn’s buttock and called his art teacher a ‘communist’. Pretty soon, if we don’t do something, that troubled young man is going to be shooting up the school!”

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      2. Yes, if it’s in the news it’s believed literally by all the idiots.
        Anyway, one expects teachers to be more mature and reasonable than the children they teach. I think back when I was in school most teachers did behave professionally, except the jew ones. Or maybe they just had it in for me. For some reason most of my jew teachers were out to mess me up. I told you about that Schniederman bitch.
        What a race of assholes.

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