“Boy Murdered on Thanksgiving”



  1. This is great, man. I hope you keep doing these. I gave up on doing YouTube videos after I tried a few. My experience was that it was a really time-consuming process that resulted in something that just looked and sounded like crap. Nice selection of images for your reminiscences! I’ll check out your channel to see what else you’ve been doing.


    1. Thanks. Those were the best pictures I could find of “black crime”.
      I’ve long suspected google is rigged, you can hardly find any images of violent negro thugs on google.
      There are plenty of pictures of White criminals however.

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      1. I think Google does rig the search results for certain types of images. There’s this guy with a national socialist blog who suggested that readers try an experiment. Google “white women” and then google “black women”.

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      2. I think I made a post about that.
        Id assume the search results were determined by the the text or tags associated with the images.
        Actually, aside from the race mixing bullshit it seems to be better than it was. It used to be you’d google something like “homicidal negroes” and just get a bunch of pictures of the KKK.
        Here’s what I got when I googled ‘negro rapist’:

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