Do my eyes deceive me?


Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 12.00.57 PM

Check out this commercial propaganda! A week ago I hurt my foot and since I was housebound Karen ordered groceries to be delivered. They gave us some “freebies” to entice us, I forget what all, paper towels and a box of bottled water and maybe some other things.

The other day I was drinking one of the waters and I happened to look at the label (see above), and quite frankly I was a little disturbed by what I think I see.

OK, so we see the company logo with the words “Pure Life” shining before a small family like the rising sun. On the left we see a green man, then a yellow boy, then a blue….what? If you are a normal person raised before all this gender fluidity junk that is so in vogue today, you will automatically assume it’s a blue woman, but when you examine the figure…

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