Evil Climax

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I really don’t feel like writing anything tonight, but I think I have some interesting stories you all my enjoy hearing.
I know I have been going on about this criminal show and what a blatant hypocrite that scumbag Dana Brownfield is at great length, buy hey, be honest, it’s working out for both of us. I know the only reason these journals get a couple hundred hits per week is because you vulchers love reading about it, and I like writing about it, mainly because it’s an emotionally charged topic for me and it’s therapeutic for me to do so.
The reason I focus on that block headed cunt Brownfield so much, aside from the fact she was the central character in this fiasco for the past 20 years or so is that cameo she played on her own show. That performance really riled me. The picture she painted of our “friendship” and the dynamic that she claimed existed between us was so false I could not believe what I was hearing. Actually, it was so beyond false that it was the exact opposite of reality. I heard a lot of people misrepresenting things about me and even totally fabricating downright lies about me on that thing, but her performance left me the most stunned out of all of them.
Far from being a dear and loving friend who vainly sought to help me as I senselessly careered down a crooked road to self destruction she was in actuality doing everything within her power to not only prevent me from moving up in the world but seemed actively intent on snuffing me out of existence altogether. As for her motivation to wreak such misery on me, I could only surmise that people like her have a needlessly sadistic streak and she did it simply because she could, and believed she could ultimately get away with it. That was the best theory I could formulate, until I learned she has been making good money doing it. This thing must make quite a bit of money judging by how many people it employs. Of course if a project produces money, any reasonably intelligent person who profits from it will do whatever they can to help it along and generate as much money as possible. Since it’s show business they have to give people what they have trained them to expect and keep things “interesting” with lots of dangerous situations and cliff hangers. Ideally each episode should be more harrowing than the last. Based on that you know they were putting me through a lot of abuse that caused me a good deal of psychological stress.
They not only make my life as hectic and tense as possible, they seem to also have commandeered all my creative efforts. I can’t show or sell any of my work yet they use it as an attraction to get people to view their stupid show and website.
Whatever they are doing to me it’s clear they’re using the power of the media to take my self determination away from me. They have a long, practiced history of doing that to a lot of people in varying degrees, but I think I’m the first person ever to get the full treatment. It seems I’m pretty helpless as long as I am in the grip of it. Nobody tells me anything at all about this thing even since I found out about it, preferring instead to futilely try and convince me I’m delusional. Since they would rather play idiotic games with me than come clean about any part of it I am forced to speculate about the details. I know it exists and has been going on a long time, beyond that I am forced to grope around in the dark in my attempts to flesh out the situation, I have no doubt this is a source of additional amusement to all those who wile away their time watching this crap. Since the fans are likely just as selfish and cold as it’s creators I’m sure they thoroughly enjoy it when I come to erroneous conclusions rather than give me credit when I make accurate guesses. Maybe they forget I have very few clues  to go on other than what I heard of this show when I was staying at the Oaks and what I arrive at through deductive reasoning.

Some of you may accuse me of being melodramatic when I claim those evil assholes, Brownfield in particular, tried to do nothing less than kill me. Based on everything they’ve done to me it’s logical to conclude they at the very least had a reckless disregard for my safety. I don’t have the time or the energy right now to outline everything she had done to me and explain all the mischief she had lead me to over the years, I’ll get around to doing all that in future posts. Right now I will just tell you some of the nasty things she did that prove she wanted to do much more to me than just get me out from under her roof when she evicted me. She had a good deal of malice toward me evidently. Of course I don’t know everything she accused me of doing to her but I honestly don’t recall doing much, even accidentally to inconvenience her and I swear I never did anything to deliberately go against her or make problems for her in any way.

Now I shall detail all the wickedness she did that culminated in her throwing me out into a world she had been busily setting against me with her little TV show and let you decide for yourselves what her intentions likely were based on these facts.

I believe this happened in 2007. The only reason I am not confident about the year is because the date on my lease from the Oaks says 2006. I am pretty sure it was 2007 and that they put the wrong date on the lease. The management there was very slipshod and unprofessional. I am in the habit of trusting official documents, but in this case I will let my memory take precedence. Dana kicked me out in the early summer and I ended up in subsidized housing in late Summer/early Fall. I’m pretty sure the only reason this community finally housed me at all is because they were trying to get me in trouble with the Federal Government and they wanted me to be where they could easily find me, but that is a story for another time.

For nearly a year before it finally happened I knew what was coming. Like I mentioned before, I generally had an alarming sense that things were wrong and people were plotting against me behind my back, and this impression had been intensifying around the Spring of ’07. I know that sounds like classic schizoid symptoms, but I think we can all agree this time they were not without foundation in reality considering how things ultimately panned out. I wish I had been keeping a journal because I can’t remember a lot of details, but on top of my intuition warning me I had been noticing a lot of odd things besides. I occasionally caught the tail ends of conversations when I’d enter rooms, overheard snatches of phone conversation and overall was getting a weird vibe from Dana and her guests. Of course whenever I’d confront her with my suspicions she always assured me I was worried over nothing and told to stop assuming everything I heard was about me. Of course, whenever I am told something is not about me it nearly always turns out to be all about me. What added to my paranoia was I had reason to suspect The house, including my room, was wired for audio and video. I’m pretty sure the house had always been bugged and that she was only dropping hints around this time to try and get me unhinged. Their plan was to keep me confused and hit me as hard as possible so I’d have no idea what hit me.

I tried looking for spy devices a few times, but to be honest I had no idea what I was looking for. I always suspected things like clocks and smoke alarms because I knew those were frequently used to hide cameras. I know much more about surveillance now from lurking in forums where they talk about trying to catch thieves or cheating spouses and that kind of thing, but back then I had no idea how that type of stuff worked. For instance I’m pretty sure they were using pinhole cameras in the ceiling at the Oaks but I didn’t even know what those were until recently.

I knew that Dana was out to do something really fucked up to me and to add to my aggravation she was always freaking me out by repeating back to me things I said to myself in private or to guests I had over when she was out. I wasn’t at all comfortable there. I tried a few times to find housing elsewhere but I had never had such a hard time finding a room in my life. I had to give up as it was proving to be an exercise in futility. Of course, given what was going on I don’t suppose I should be surprised the world seemed to be working against me.

There were so many things going on around this time I know I can’t list them all, so I will just focus on the most important one’s leading up to the crescendo where I was robbed of a home. She wanted to do much more harm to me than simply render me homeless, but thankfully even  with her electronic spying and television station and all her connections were powerless to do more than that to me because, to be perfectly frank, she simply wasn’t clever enough to outsmart me completely.

I remember Dana was hardly ever home since I’d arrived (she trusted me to take care of her cats and home all the time, so despite what she says about how “crazy” she thought I was and how scared of me she supposedly was, how sincere can those statements  really be considering she trusted me to take care of everything she had in her absence). When she was home she was always diligently working on her computer for days at a time, either alone of with other people. Keep in mind I lived in the basement which wasn’t attached to the house so I couldn’t monitor her activity and I can’t say for sure what the was up to.  Here I’d like to make one other observation concerning the project she always seemed to be working on. D. Brownfield was, I believe, in charge of Multi-media communications at the Irvine foundation. Considering she spent most of her time working on some mysterious computer project whenever I saw her, and given that I later found she was very involved with the production of that fucking bullshit television show, I think its reasonable to suppose all that computer work was related to that cable program. I think she also spent time working on it at the Community Access Television Station on Market Street a few blocks away from where she worked at the Irvine Foundation and I remember having the impression she worked on it at the Irvine Foundation as well. Maybe her job was typical of most jobs in non-profit with six figure salaries in that there just wasn’t much for her to do so she had spare time while there to spend as she wished. It’s either that or that fucking criminal show WAS her job at the Irvine Foundation. I’m just speculating here because she was always working on it. A couple of times I asked her what she and her colleagues spent all her time doing on her computer and she said she was installing Unix (or was if Linux?). Given she seems to engage in all manner of seedy business online I don’t doubt she could use one of those unconventional platforms for some of her projects because of the secrecy they provide, but, although  I don’t know much about them somehow I doubt it takes years to install them. Also I know she used several adobe programs on her machine, so does anybody know if they even make photoshop and illustrator to run on a Linux OS? At any rate it is obvious she had been very dishonest with me the entire time I had known her and she must have been working on something she wanted to hide from me. That’s the only reason she concocted such a clumsy, transparent lie. If what she was doing was innocuous and didn’t concern me there would have been no reason for her to lie. She routinely lied to me about everything. She’s clearly a very bad person and was never any friend of mine in any way. I suspect that show is the only reason she forced herself on me in the first place. She was part of a pattern I have noticed since High School. I will elaborate on this in a future post.
Dana was having this creepy asshole over in 2007 a lot who she called “Cat”. According to her it was short for Catalan I believe, but I’m pretty sure she was trying to be clever and it was actually an acronym for “Community Access Television”, If you have ever studied the big conspiracy type stuff these sorts of people get up to, you learn early on they always intentionally drop hints as to what they are doing to their victims. I heard it has something to do with their Kabalistic black magic or something. I know nothing about magic so I don’t understand it myself. The only other reason I can come up with as to why Dana wanted me to know the house was bugged and why she would even drop me hints as to how that was being done is that it gave her a childish sense of superiority over me because she was confident I’d be either too stupid to figure out what she was up to or too powerless to stop it. I confess that so far that last bit has proven to be true.

Anyway, this prick was always over doing peculiar stuff. She had him in my room doing something I caught him at when I came home early from work one day. She said it had something to do with the wires in one of the overhead lamps, I suspect it was some spy stuff, maybe a camera or microphone. I couldn’t find anything obvious. If I had one of those $1,000 bug detecting kits I believe I’d have found that place loaded with James Bond type devices.

I think he helped her make a virus that she sent me in an email attachment that gave her remote control over my computer. One day she sent me an email from work that had a news story attached. The article had nothing to do with anything that concerned me and I couldn’t understand why she sent it to me. Things were bad before but after that files kept disappearing from my computer and it seemed EVERYONE knew all my business. Strangers over the internet were quoting back to me things I said in my private emails. A couple times her and that Cat faggot sat in the living room upstairs reading out loud emails I sent to friends of mine they didn’t even know. I wasn’t sure how all this was being done, but I saw no point in confronting them about it as I knew they’d just deny it and pretend they thought I was crazy. Since they were bad actors it would have been a painful performance for me to watch. They were both such scummy, seedy people they must have done lots of lying so I was always surprised they were so bad at it. They were probably being artlessly conspicuous on purpose to psychologically torture me since they knew there wasn’t anything I could do to stop anything they were doing.

There was a lot of other bizarre things going on all the time, but naming them all would get kind of redundant and, to be honest, a lot of it was so weird I won’t even pretend to understand what it was or was about so it would be difficult for me to describe, so I will just stick to the stuff leading up to my eviction.
A few times when I went out to my car in the morning I noticed the trunk or the doors were unlocked or even hanging wide open when I was pretty sure I locked them the night before. Since I didn’t notice anything amiss I didn’t worry about it too much, besides, so many much more strange things were going on around this time I guess I was growing used to creepy shit happening. Now I am pretty sure Dana and her fuck wit friends were borrowing my car keys when I was asleep or maybe even had the keys copied and were tinkering around with my car as I slept. The car was old but very reliable and I never had any problems with it before, but around this time I started having all kinds of mechanical problems, mostly problems with the brakes, which I’d have fixed only to have more of the same problems later. My car was also towed for no reason one time. Luckily I had the money to get it out right away. I remember Dana and her fatso friend Robert bragging about their connections in the OPD, so maybe there was a connection. I remember she tried to talk me into giving up my car earlier. Obviously she didn’t even want me to have the car when she kicked me out on the street.
One day fucking Dana came up to me and insisted I take that Cat faggot’s phone number for “in case I ever get in trouble”. I didn’t want to because I thought the guy was just a creepy asshole, but she insisted so I saved it.

Not a day or two later when I as driving home from work my car overheated and all the water in my radiator boiled out. I was totally freaked out because it happened on the freeway and since I didn’t have any water in the car I called Mr. Cat shit’s number on my cell phone. Of course he never answered or called me back in response to my desperate message. In retrospect it would have been smart for me to have thrown his number out as soon as she gave it to me as it not only did me any good to call him, it caused me more trouble. A Highway Patrol Officer at the scene saw my situation and gave me water to fill up my radiator and I drove home slowly on surface streets. What happens later will show how this was part of their plan. My car overheating was clearly caused by them messing around with the fan in my car while I was asleep.

That Cat kept calling me all the time after that. He’d call every day asking for Dana, and although I kept telling him he was calling my phone and not Dana’s and to lose my number he’d always called me again the next day. From what I’ve read researching this it is obvious he was hacking into my cell phone. Apparently my calling him left a trail he used to get into my phone. Don’t ask me to explain exactly how it works but later on after I was forced out on my own all my contacts mysteriously disappeared from my phone. This would have been pretty devastating to me since I was homeless, but luckily, since I never completely trusted these modern toys, I had taken the precaution of writing down all the names and numbers friends, family and social workers in a good old fashioned notebook which I held on to. Although they had managed to turn nearly everyone I knew against me at least I was able to stay in touch with a few people who were able to provide me with some small assistance from time to time.
On the actual day they started boxing up my stuff to give me my walking papers I could have called the cops and showed them some of my mail to prove I lived there, and told them she was evicting me without any notice. I decided against that as it only would have bought me one additional month and I knew my situation wouldn’t be any better in 30 days in terms of the public’s opinion concerning me so I saw no advantage in doing that, aside from getting Dana in trouble because legally she couldn’t rent out that basement room as it had no plumbing or heating and I had some check stubs proving I’d been paying $350 per month on it. However, given my circumstances I didn’t see what good it would have done me to do that. I guess I felt it would only serve to make her angry with me. Yes, I was pretty naive. Had I known that what was happening was the result of years of cold, calculated planning I would not have been so concerned about trying to stay on her good side, because, truth be told, she evidently doesn’t have one.
One weird thing Dana did when they were boxing up my things was Dana intentionally threw my old bible into the trash. I’m not religious in the traditional sense but I felt that was uncalled for. She pretended it was an accident when I caught her, but considering she’s such a staunch atheist who is fond of forcefully stating, “THERE IS NO GOD!” every chance she gets I somehow doubt it was an absent minded oversight on her behalf. My opinion about her atheism, and atheism in general is that it’s a silly stance to be so positive about something when you don’t even have all the information needed to have any firm opinions on it one way or another. It makes you appear very foolish to talk like you know about things you obviously have no idea about.

After I had been evacuated from the premises and was pulling out into the street I remember Dana waving and saying, “Be careful Ron. Don’t get pulled over! (snicker)” in a very sarcastic and ominous tone of voice. Later that evening when I was driving around in El Cerrito I got pulled over by a cop for one reason or another. No big deal. I had only recently received my new license in the mail and despite how crazy things had been lately I knew I at least had that.  I took out my wallet and looked within it to where I always kept my driver’s license and much to my dismay it was gone! Clearly someone had stolen it out of my wallet while I slept. I wonder who that could have been? Fortunately I still had my old license in my wallet so they were not only able to confirm my identity but that I’d recently paid to renew it. This explained her comment. She was amused at the thought of my getting pulled over because I’d not have my license so my car would have been taken away from me and I’ve have had to go down to the station and likely wait in a cell as they tried to verify my identity. Of course I’d not be able to afford to get my car out of the tow yard and I’d be royally fucked. What an evil POS. Thank God I’m in the habit of saving IDs and documents.

I must sleep pretty deep and sound. Another annoying incident that happened at this time was the key to my strongbox where I kept my valuables was stolen. admittedly that could have happened while I was at work, but regardless of when it happened I think there can be little doubt who did it since only the two of us lived in that house. You may ask why some bitch who clears six figures would want to get into my strongbox. Well, I didn’t find out till a few years later when I managed to get it open again. I had a small set of ancient coins in there that now are missing. I’m pretty sure she stole those as a bonus for one of the creeps she had spying on me. I’ve noticed lots of other things went missing as well, and oddly they were usually things these screwballs Dana paid to hang out with me coveted. I have long noticed that these people have a twisted habit of trying to make their victims pay for their own destruction, so the idea of her paying these creeps with my belongings makes sense.
Anyway, I have to ask you, does any of this sound like a compassionate person who “only wanted to help me” or a sick fuck who was hell bent on fucking me up as much as possible?
That’s all I have for tonight. Maybe next time I will post some of the emails I sent my father. He never spent hardly any time talking to me all my life yet he thinks he learns everything he needs to know about me watching that defamatory show. I make a few points for him in those letters that I think are applicable to the general audience of that retarded show. Or perhaps I can tell you how they got me involved with drugs or tell you some tales about my interactions with the police when I was living in my car. Maybe I’ll just relate to you all the bullshit those psychos over at Cody’s books put me through just because of this damned show. I’m not sure what I’ll talk about next time, just know I’m not out of curious incidents to share yet.


  1. I consider myself an atheist, but I’m not obnoxious about it the way I was when I was younger. I suppose you could consider me an agnostic at least to the extent that if somebody claimed to have evidence of the existence of some supernatural phenomenon, I would be willing to look at it; but, short of having encountered such evidence, and never having experienced the supernatural myself, I have no reason to credit such things. I don’t think you’re lying when, for instance, you said once that you might have had ghosts in your home as a kid; but if something like that had happened to me, I probably would have interpreted it differently.

    I have a more balanced view of religion as an adult. I personally have no use for it, but I can see that the eradication of a unifying faith has been a disaster for Europeans, particularly since they haven’t replaced it with anything meaningful or useful. I was raised as a doctrinaire atheist, though, and my father even gave me books like An Atheist Primer by Madalyn Murray O’Hair when I was little. I’ve seen firsthand how godless people who think that their atheism is some form of ultimate enlightenment really have very little to make their lives worthwhile. My father is so staunch in his lack of imagination that he can hardly stand to watch a movie if it has elements of the fantastic in it. I would, at least, concede that myths, whether interpreted literally or symbolically, have great value for us.


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    1. Well, once you get very deep into this whole joo thang you learn that the racial stuff isn’t the only thing they lie to us about.
      The world ran amazingly well back in the old days when everyone was ‘racist’, superstitious and just plain ignorant. These days with our space aged computer technology things don’t run half as well as they did back in the days of idiocy and delusions.
      Could it be our ancestors were more on the ball than these semites would have us believe?
      Aside from obfuscating the truth about our people and history they have been working tirelessly to make us materialistic and facile in every way.
      We all used to have an intuitive religious sense, a belief in something higher than ourselves and moral principals.
      They not only lie to us about religion and spirituality they use their pseudo science to lie about us.
      I’m just starting to think this way so I don’t have all the facts, but I am really starting to think Whites have a divine origin and mission, that the earth is literally the center of the universe and that reincarnation is real.
      Call me crazy, but one thing I have learned trough all my experiences with these scumbags is that the truth is invariably the opposite of what they say it is.
      They say we are animals, just clever apes, so naturally I think it’s a safe bet we are really ultra mundane and super physical.
      Call me crazy, but I think I’m starting to figure things out.


      1. My education doesn’t equip me to address the merits of the science referenced here, but the guy who made this video clearly has an agenda to promote magic Jew mythology (i.e., Jesus) and admits that he enjoys the non-heliocentric model as a “security blanket” – in other words, something to comfort his inner child. I would be wary of incorporating this type of discourse into racial advocacy. I like Kyle Hunt and Renegade for the most part, but he and his girlfriend have made themselves laughing stocks with their flat earth stuff. Jews would like nothing better than to associate white nationalism with ideas which, regardless of their objective merits or lack thereof, are associated in the public’s mind with crackpottery.

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      2. At least you admitted you don’t science.
        At any rate there are a LOT of holes in the official jew story. Whenever things are discovered that don’t jibe with the official narrative (which is only around 160 years old) they are simply ignored. There are a lot of them by the way.
        I’m looking for the truth. If I gave a fuck what people thought of what I believed in I’d have just continued kissing kosher ass like everybody else.
        You can’t be bound by what idiots think if you are really trying to learn true things.
        That’s just my opinion.

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      3. Although I can’t say I know what shape the earth is, never having seen it in it’s entirety, I don’t believe it’s flat.
        The reason I don’t believe it’s flat is because I subscribe to the expanding earth theory.
        You may laugh but having looked at the evidence I am convinced the earth is growing.
        I will keep believing this until some stronger proof proves it is otherwise.


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