1. I don’t think I was ever actually afraid of any of these logos, but I do remember thinking the Viacom V was oddly intimidating in an off-putting way. The New World Pictures logo was also rather creepy, particularly with the music, but I think that was intentional:

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    1. There was some company behind some cartoon shows in the 70’s called “DIC” and when the name appeared at the end of one of their shows there was a little girl voice that said “Dick” as it was shown. Roger was real fond of that one.

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      1. I remember that this came up in school one time when I was in about the third grade. The teacher asked for an example of a company name or a proper noun or something and this bad kid said “Dic”. He knew it would get a laugh out of the class, and the teacher wasn’t satisfied when he tried to explain that it was a logo that came up after TV shows.

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      2. I never liked those kids who seemed obsessed with sex stuff.
        I bet their fathers must have pimped them out or something. They just seemed kinda demented to me.


  2. Here’s something that really used to freak me out as a kid if my father wasn’t in the room with me when it came on. I remember being particularly chilled by the color inversion and the icy synthesizer wash:


    1. I never watched that show. They remade the twilight zone and the outer limits at around the same time but I wasn’t really into those either. I guess I was burned out on television by the end of the 70s.

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      1. I used to watch the new Twilight Zone in the 80s and thought it was good at the time, but I tried to go back and watch some of those a few years ago and found it intolerable. Utter dreck even by my liberal standard for nostalgic entertainment.

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