Something from the internet:


i like to dress up as wolvy (my 3rd fav x man)
not everybody thinks that its cool, but i finally met a girl who thinks im a 10/10 would bang like bam in my wolverine suit.
she’d come over sometimes while her boyfriend was away after school.
once the door would close she’d almost instantly get naked. most times she’d put on her favorite song and start sucking. then she would cry. her tears and makeup would drip down her face onto my dick. its surprising how cold tears are. eventually i finally asked her what was wrong. in between licks she told me that her favorite song was also her bfs favorite song. so even though she loved hearing it and it totally got her pussy wet, it also made her think about the fact that she was cheating on her boyfriend. i dont think i ever came harder down somebodies throat then right after she told me that. she was beautiful. we dont hang out anymore. wanna get lunch?

this was the song:


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