How the hot coffee mod works in GTA San Andreas

I don’t play video games. I waste way too much time as it is already!



    1. I didn’t know anything about the gay scene in HS because, despite the music industry pushing it, regular people still saw it as a perversion so if someone was or wanted to be a phag they kept it to themselves. I always knew these guys were homos just from the sound of their music alone. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure you know what I mean.

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      1. A lot of quintessentially gay music is dance-oriented: songs for meeting random men while anonymously gyrating to a synthetic, artificial beat on a dark, crowded floor. Soft Cell and Bronski Beat are similar examples. “Cindy Ecstasy”, the woman whose vocals are featured in this Soft Cell song, was an early ecstasy dealer in New York City. Nobody seems to know her name, and I wasn’t able to confirm her ethnicity, but I’m sure you can understand why I have my suspicions. Gross as the inspiration tends to be, I happen to love this style and period of pop:

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      2. How do you know all this? I guess you’re just real well read. 😀
        As for the dealer, I always notice a LOT of jews whenever I watch documentaries about LSD and American drug use in general, so you are likely correct.

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