Chamber of HORROR!



Chamber of HORROR!



    1. I had to google that name. At first thought t was some crazy concentration camp “survivor” who made a living making up outrageous stories of torture and supposed German sadism.
      Too bad can’t photoshop a jew head on the mouse and a swastika on the scissors. 😀

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      1. Roth is credited as one of the most important figures shaping the “torture porn” horror subgenre that saw a boom during the Bush years. I remember going to see his film Hostel when it came out and leaving the theater puzzled as to how anybody would find something like this enjoyable. Utterly Israeli in its sadism.

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      2. I wonder if my old kosher pal Eric Brummer was influenced by any of that?
        I’ve never seen any of Eric’s work, although he assured me John Waters is a fan.
        But to be honest ‘m just not interested in zombie porn.

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