Cool 90’s internet kid


Cool 90’s internet kid



  1. I never had the internet when I was a kid, but it was really blowing up when I was in high school. I remember the first time I ever saw perverted internet pornography. I went over to this “white Hispanic” peer’s house one time and he wanted to show me all this gross imagery of this obese woman tied up in leather and with clamps and rings on her nipples and horrible garbage like that. I guess it was just the novelty of it that appealed to him. Anyway, his demonstration didn’t sell me right away on the utility of this new internet thing.

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    1. I bet he has dozens of obese women chained up in his basement living in their own filth right now.
      I’m sure normal, attractive women were, as usual, easier to find online. This guy was clearly a perv. I hope you didn’t hang out with this future serial killer much.

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      1. I actually did use to hang around with him quite a bit, but had a falling out with him several years ago. A gross guy, and it doesn’t reflect well on me that I was friends with him for so long. Later on he tried to get me fired from a job.

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      2. I guess he was your “Roger”.
        How did he try to get you fired? Call your boss and tell him you’re on drugs? That’s what some assholes tried to do to me once.


      3. It involved unsavory accusations about me being insane and dangerous, having threatened his family, etc. It didn’t work and he was the one who lost his job. They were going to fire him anyway, and he thought that he could get them to keep him and get rid of me instead.

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