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  1. South American headhunters, eh? That made me laugh. They’re probably not too many generations away from that, though, if you think about it.

    What color of bums do you have in your area? We have a pretty good assortment in my neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago this really intense blond bum I could hear shouting from a block away passed me and was practically screaming at me: “Fuckin’ A! Fuckin’ do it! Fuckin’ feels good, don’t it?” There’s also been a black guy sleeping in a little alcove behind what used to be an office supply outlet. The regulars, though, who can be seen hanging around the area are a tall, silent Mexican whom I once saw eating food off the floor of McDonald’s and a shorter, fatter Mexican who has long, drawn-out conversations with an imaginary interlocutor. Sometimes I hear his voice coming from a tree, which must be where he retreats when it’s hot. Thankfully, there’s very little public defecation around here. I did witness that once, and you do have to be careful to hold your breath when passing a certain alley; but the sorts we have these days at least have the decency not to number two where everybody can see it. I have seen blacks pissing out in the open more than once, but I think they were just random negroes rather than actually homeless.

    As far as panhandlers on heroin, I actually watched a movie about that recently:

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    1. Well, our bums are mostly people who have gotten too hard into meth. Their bum camp is littered with bicycle parts so I guess they must steal bicycles and cannibalize the parts making Frankenstein bicycles. Meth makes you want to work at something, which may be why meth addicts are usually White. We have one or two straight up schizos who just walk around shouting random bullshit. I don’t know why we have such a thriving homeless community here, it’s not like SF or Berkeley where they have so many freebies. It must be the meth that attracts them. Seems that cooking meth is what the bored yokels around here get up to.
      Another good thing about meth bums is they don’t eat very much so they’re not shitting all over the place, or if they do it’s probably in the bushes along the hiking trail.

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      1. Since this article is so revealing and exposes the childish, narcissistic soul of the drug addled hippie phenomenon, you can bet it was ignored by the kike media around here.
        Hippies are the ultimate “good goys” ya know.
        “Wimp-out” eh? heh heh, Imma hafta steal they from you!

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    2. They don’t have that one on youtube.
      I’ve noticed in a lot of these drug movies they get details wrong, sometimes important details.
      Have you seen “The Salton Sea”? It’s about meth addicts, only in the movie EVERYONE snorts it. Take it from me, that shit burns like a MOTHERFUCKER! Everyone smokes it, except a few hardcore users who shoot it.
      Anyway I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that Hollywood makes drugs appear far more glamorous than they really are. Those people are so gross and disgusting that I could hardly stand them. I usually just bought my drugs and went home to use them. I get too nervous hanging out with those types, plus you have to watch them very closely because they are all prolific thieves.

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      1. Today I stopped into one of the local convenience stores for a drink and was amused to see that now, in addition to the zig-zag papers they always sold, they also offer actual bongs in a locked case by the counter. There’s a sign with a disclaimer stating that these are for TOBACCO smoking purposes only.

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      2. Yes, and if you indicate you want to purchase them to consume controlled substances they are not allowed to sell them to you.
        At liquor stores in the ghetto they used to sell crack pipes. They disguised them by putting a plastic flower in them and claiming they were for decorations.

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      3. I guess L.A. must have been that bad for a while, but today was the first time I’ve ever even seen a bong up close, let alone openly being sold at a gas station. Dorothy wouldn’t know Kansas if she landed here today.

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