Russian Turtles



  1. No telling how many hours of my life I wasted watching that show in the early 90s. I even remember visiting Orlando on a class trip in 1992, I think, and they had a guy dressed up in a Ninja Turtle outfit at Epcot Center or Disney World. He had a little stamp that said “Raphael” or something that he was putting on kids’ hands. What a stupid, miserable job for a guy to have – milling around among children in a no doubt sweltering full-body costume, pretending to be a mutated turtle skilled in the martial arts.

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    1. LOL! Yeah, I wanted to go to some thing when I was a kid where they had some guy dressed as spiderman. I remember my grandfather was pretty disgusted by the idea of a guy dressing as a superhero for a living. I think he thought it was a career choice or something.
      Hell, even as a child I instinctively knew it was likely just a drug addict looking for quick fix money.

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