1. “dating her in a bum kind of way”

    I laughed at that.

    This black guy who’s been sleeping in a doorway in my neighborhood even smokes weed and has a cell phone, so it isn’t as if he’s totally destitute. He probably hangs out in the library all day where it’s air-conditioned, too.

    I’ve been out of town visiting my grandmother and even her once-small Ozarks town is going the way of diversity. I went for a walk and saw more blacks in just a few minutes than all the other times I’ve ever been there put together. She also says her town now has “an actual Muslim”.

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    1. Good Lord. Well, you know their ultimate plan is to get all the jews to go back to israel and the best way to ensure they do is to make it the only place where you can actually get away from crazy darkie assholes.
      Shit, I wonder if you marry a jew if they will let you move there?
      Never mind, when I get my money I will just buy a fucking island for myself.

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