A few new videos:



  1. Good bumshoe reporting, you two. That third video felt like the opening to one of those found footage horror movies. I saw a mediocre one on YouTube a few weeks ago called The Bucks County Massacre. It wouldn’t even have been worthwhile to write a review. These young folks were having a party in a remote home near some woods and people started disappearing. You had to sit through about 45 minutes of tedious padding, with people standing around talking and having drinks, but after a long while it started to get pretty scary when the first girl disappeared. But then it had to go and get stupid again, because when they showed the creature that was out in the woods, it was just some regular guy with his shirt off. You were apparently supposed to find him horribly grotesque and frightening as they sold it, though. The horror of some regular Joe with his shirt off. Those Swisher Sweets are popular with the blacks around here. Big seller at the convenience store down the street.

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    1. Was the shirtless guy White? Maybe it was more anti-white propaganda, like, you know, all Whites are monsters kinda thing.
      He just had his shirt off so you could see his White skin better!

      And yes, it seems all negative and neutral stereotypes about negroes are true. Any positive one’s are invented by jewish think tanks. I saw one or two negro bums hanging out there so it’s very likely the menthol cigarettes and the fruity cigars were their’s. The only reason we didn’t find any malt liquor bottles is because they’re all meth heads. Black methies are very rare, but it looks like we finally found a couple.

      Good idea. Too bad I don’t know anyone around here. I could give them one of my monster masks and we can use this footage to make our own found footage horror film.

      Too bad Karen isn’t more active, we could make some creative videos. Oh well, when I get my money maybe I’ll buy a film studio and do something fancy with CGI and all that.


      1. Speaking of blacks and stereotypes, yesterday I saw a few Black Lives Matter protesters a block or two from where I live. It was the weakest demonstration I’ve seen since I witnessed the Westboro Baptist Church at work many years ago. There were only about five blacks and a couple of braindead whites, just standing on a sidewalk and holding signs. It was really hot and they were obviously tired and bored. They weren’t even shouting, but just held these lame, unimaginative signs that said “Stop Police Brutality” and “White Silence Is Violence”. I treated them to a bit of the old ultraviolence by not saying anything to them. I was tempted to devise some way of trolling them, but I’m a familiar face in the neighborhood and have to be careful about how I present myself in public.

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      2. That might have been funny, but it probably wouldn’t have been funny to wake up the next day without a job. Also, there’s generally a security guard stationed across the street.

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