We’ve got a gorilla for sale:


There was a Saturday morning cartoon show in the early 60’s, during the height of the “Civil Rights” movement called, “The Magilla Gorilla Show”. It had an interesting plot, especially when you consider what was going on at the time.

There was a little shop keeper named “Mr. Peebles”, a merchant (A jew?) who was trying to sell a gorilla. Of course nobody wanted him, who in their right mind wants a 500 lb. gorilla messing up his home or apartment?
If I remember correctly, most of the situations depicted involved people being conned into buying him, only to return him for a full refund after he had wreaked havoc in the lives of his new owners.
So Mr. Peebles can’t even give this ape away. There was, however, a little White girl named “Ogee”, pronounced “Oh gee” who was infatuated by the over sized anthropomorphic simian. Her name is supposed…

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