I remember watching this show when I was less than 2 years old, likely because it had dinosaurs in it.

It aired right after the open borders act and the Civil Rights act and all the episodes involve these astronauts who somehow went back in time and had to live with cavemen. Of course a consistent feature in this series, as in most jewish movies and TV shows, focuses on their preoccupation with getting home, which is likely an analogy of their obsession with Israel.

The plots always involve the astronauts convincing the cavemen that their traditions and customs were foolish and getting the cave men to either change them or give them up entirely, usually for the benefit of the astronauts themselves who keep running afoul of their prehistoric laws. In one episode (first in the link provided) they actually use drugs (laughing gas) to disrupt caveman society so the astronauts can escape execution. Remember that the hippie movement was gearing up around this time.

In another episode the astronauts again found themselves in hot water for committing another serious infraction of cave man law, in this case the chief found a Polaroid the astronauts took of him so he thought they were using black magic against him. It seemed their goose was really cooked this time so they convince the chief of the tribe to make their society a democracy so he has to run for the office of chief to maintain his position. Of course the astronauts get their lackey Gronk to run against him making all kinds of impossible promises and, most interesting of all, they set him up with an amplifier that made his voice boom like thunder. Obviously that made him much more prepossessing, but it also put’s me in mind of how the jews give candidates they like ample media access. Of course sit coms usually like to keep the characters and settings consistent so Gronk lost the election. The chief won the last and crucial vote because some female of the tribe found his Polaroid and that he looked very strong in it. The chief was flattered, so in a burst of generosity let the space men off the hook.

The show is jewier than vaudeville but I find it amusing. John Lennon actually made a very insightful remark when he said that show business is part of the jewish religion.

The show went off the air in ’66 and hadn’t been shown on TV till a couple years ago on some cable channel.

I wasn’t sure if it was a real show or I had dreamt it for years till I found it on youtube 3 years ago. It is pretty hard to believe, a sit com about astronauts living with cavemen.

Another interesting thing about the show was when the ratings dropped they tried to make it more interesting by bringing the cave people to the 20th century. Then the comedy hinged on these primitive people trying to integrate into middle class White society.

Interestingly this show aired during the period of forced integration of blacks into White schools in the south.

One of the episodes revolved around how the son of the cave people had to go to school. He was laughed at at first, but it wasn’t long before he had a disruptive affect on the behavior of the other boys who began acting and dressing like him.

I think it’s pretty obvious these jooze knew exactly what they were doing from the start. None of the negative affects of integration were accidental or unintentional.

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