Too many movies:

You know, I used to think movies were just plain dumb, but I can see now that that was a very lazy and facile view of the phenomenon that they represent. They are much more than stupid and often incomplete attempts at creativity, they are often intentionally crafted evil, like psychological syringes for administering a deadly toxin directly into the subconscious mind of their intended victim, and the victim appears to be nothing less than Western Civilization itself.

Anyway, you know how California is, we get a little rain and everything grinds to a halt. It’s been raining like crazy out here this past week so I’ve just been watching a lot of silly movies on YouTube. Decided I may as well share some of the better ones with you. As you can see I decided at some point just to watch Asian movies since they aren’t quite as evil as western films:

“Heathers”-(1989) A supposedly “smart girl”, Winona Ryder, tires of running with the popular crowd and decides to kill all her friends with the help of Christian Slater. One thing I find disturbing is their complete lack of remorse throughout most of the movie, and the Slater character never repents at all. What makes this even more disturbing is that this film wasn’t made just for teens, but teenaged girls, and since the movie was made for teens, of course the parents, in fact, all of the adults, are portrayed as lobotomized imbeciles of one sort or another. Of course we already know the media is entirely responsible for the “generation gap”, but they are also responsible for countless suicides, murders and other acts of violence. These are the same people who want to hold everyone accountable for anything they say online while at the same time whenever parents try to sue movie studios or record labels for their childrens’ suicides or murders the cases are invariably thrown out of court before even coming to trial. This is very unfortunate because obviously they will keep poisoning society with this crap until they are finally held accountable.
In this movie we see one very troubled youngster, inspired by the seeming rash of recent suicides of many of the “cool kids” decides to try and kill herself by deliberately walking into traffic. Obviously these media assholes know exactly what they’re doing making trash like this. You don’t have to be a genius to see that these creeps hate humanity with a purple passion.
What I got from this film is that the popular kids held everyone up to a higher standard, in a way, and that’s why Hollywood tells us they needed to die. Hollywood would much rather everyone got on the ground and wallowed in their own filth like the animals they obviously think we all are. “Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs” slater says to Ryder at one point in the film. Hollywood plainly thinks we are dinosaurs and this is why they feed us generous servings of chaos in all their offerings. Near the end of the film slater reveals his plan to blow up the entire school after tricking them into all signing a collective suicide note they were led to believe was a petition trying to get a popular rock band to play at their prom. Of course his plan is foiled, but you know they just slap happy endings on this crap to fool all the blue pilled dumbfucks out there. Slater gives as the reason for masterminding their homicidal spree the fact that he feels nobody loves him and the only place people can get along is in Heaven, and he wanted to destroy the school because to him “the school is society“. One doesn’t have to be overly perceptive to see that the overly judgemental homicidal maniacs starring in this movie represent the souls of the moviemakers themselves.

“Society”-(1989) Teen angst, alienation and paranoia is taken to a whole new level when a highschool student discovers he was actually adopted and his family are cannibalistic slimy slugs and they were raising him only to be the main item in one of their bizarre orgy/feast events. So, you see, parents and adults in general aren’t always just soulless automatons or mindless idiots, they can also be predatory alien creatures. There’s also a weird racial subtext here involving a lot of projection that I see no point in going into. Anyway, if you like weird and creepy shit you may want to check it out.

“The Hitcher”-(1986) The film starts off with some guy who finds himself falling asleep at the wheel while driving through the desert who decides to pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a deranged serial killer. The killer pulls a knife and holds it to the face of the driver and makes him say “I want to die”. Hollywood never seems to tire of the suicide and murder motif. No wonder the west has been getting more and more dysfunctional during the last hundred years. Well, the driver was able to push him out of the moving vehicle since the psycho forgot to lock his door behind himself after he got in, but the driver’s victory is short lived since the slasher follows him through the remainder of the film and torments him by killing everyone he comes in contact with, including, remarkably enough, all the cops in the sheriff’s station where the driver was being held in a cell under suspicion of being the psycho killer himself. Much like the media the psycho seems to be everywhere constantly fucking with his head trying to make his life a hell on earth. I admit I didn’t finish it because I refuse to desensitize myself to demented shit like this. Media likes to get into your head and manipulate you. These people used every trick they had to control me for years and it makes me sick. As soon as I figured out what they had been doing to me I determined to cut my strings off and walk away I loathed their touch so much. If you people still have any sanity left in you I advise all of you to do the same. I know from extensive personal experience they don’t want to take you to a good place.

“The Seven Ups”- (1973) Another movie about unconventional cops who don’t follow all the rules but always get results. Despite grumbling from some of their coworkers they are given a free hand because they get the job done. There is a short, wide black guy who we see occasionally drinking on the job,  couple of Italians who grew up together so we are constantly treated to their reminiscing about the old days and exchanging family gossip and information as they are want to do. Someone is kidnapping and robbing gangsters and they suspect the police. They find one of the chauffeurs at one of their funerals is wearing a wire and find he’s a cop, so they, sick of being robbed, decide to give the cops a taste of their own medicine and kidnap him. Two words come to mind, over and over again, “Car chases, car chases, car chases”. The 70s were indeed the decade of car chases and this flick has them in spades, coo coo crazy car chases through the congested streets of early 1970s New York! This movie set the standard for crazy car chase capers for years to come.  Actually I guess there was just one car chase, but it was the ultimate! And boy, do these cops play loose and fast with the rules, they don’t respect anyone’s boundaries if they are hot after something. A while back I’d have considered stuff like this, cops roughing up suspects, breaking into uncharged suspects homes in the middle of the night, as more than a little far fetched, but considering all the sick shit that’s been done to me over the years in the name of lowbrow entertainment I don’t find any of this stuff terribly unlikely.

“One Missed Call”-(2008) This one is pretty good. Typical Japanese fare, but still very entertaining all the same. People get calls placed through their own cell phones, only from themselves in the future, placed just as they are about to die. Of course once they figure out this is happening everyone starts freaking out but there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do to stop it, at least until a the discovery in an abandoned hospital. A rotting corpse with a cell phone in it’s hand! I won’t say anymore, partially not to ruin it for you and partly because I’ve watched so many movies since I can’t remember exactly what happened anymore.

“The Curse”-(2005) This is a strange one. This whole village of sorcerers ends up at the bottom of a lake bed because of a dam project. They’ve since dispersed. The villagers had periodic rituals to placate one particularly nasty demon. Some guy who works for a television show dealing with psychic phenomenon notices that this one woman who keeps moving around to different places is leaving a trail of dead and disappearing neighbors. His investigations reveal that she used to live in the wizard town. I don’t want to give too much away as I think it’s worth watching and recommend it so I won’t ruin it for you.

“Rigor Mortis”-(2013) Maybe if I knew more about Chinese occult lore this film would make more sense to me, as it was I started to get sort of lost about half way through. Lots of action and CGI though. From what I understand some magician is out to get rid of two evil spirits, malignant twin ghosts of some kind, and he enlists the help of some guy he saved from commiting suicide. Also, some woman’s husband either dies in an accident or is murdered (seems to be a little bit of both) and since she can’t let the cranky old curmudgeon go she has an evil sorcerer bring him back as a vampire. Things get crazy near the end and, although they kill the vampire the twin ghosts reanimate it’s corpse so the magician gives the failed suicide guy powers to defeat him, but when he does he gives up all the life he’d lived from the moment his suicide attempt was foiled. Like I said, it was a confusing movie.

“Carved: The Slit Mouthed Woman”- (2007) Here they took the Japanese urban legend of the “Slit Mouthed Woman” and made a feature length movie about it, creating an origin for her and supporting characters in the process. This is little more than a competent example of film making in my opinion, plus it has one of those open ended climaxes which I don’t like. I don’t think anybody likes those kinds of endings so I don’t know why they keep using them.


  1. That chase scene in The Seven-Ups is one of the best ever. That was from the same producer who made Bullitt and The French Connection, so audiences would have been disappointed if there hadn’t been a nice road-ripper.

    I never got into the Japanese extreme horror craze from several years ago. The only one I watched was Audition, and it had some stuff that was pretty hard to sit through.


    1. Cool. I’ll check and see if youtube has it.
      I’m trying to watch a Turkish horror movie:

      but it’s hard because I really don’t like gruesome or evil things and this one seems very gruesomely evil.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve seen a few Turkish films from the 60s and 70s. The plots were all excuses to show big, deep-voiced guys with mustaches getting into fistfights and to have scantily clad women being manhandled or protected by them, etc., with cartoonishly traditional sex roles.


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