Further Reflections:


I’ve been sleeping like crazy this past week, which is very strange. Although it’s true that when the weather changes like this I get very sleepy usually it passers in less than a day and this has been going on for at least four or five days now. I’ve been doing some light research lately into Dana Brownfield’s religion, Satanism, and they have spells for all kinds of stuff, for instance they can infest your home with vermin, they can increase entropy and/or chaos in your life , they can do all kinds of things, they also have what they call a ‘binding curse’ where they try to make you inactive. I strongly suspect they’ve been using this one on me for years. If they have that could help explain why I haven’t even done any artwork in the past 20 years. I had a dream earlier today, something about the curses they’ve been putting on me, but, of course  even though I can remember the dream had an awful lot in it I can’t recall any of it. Another symptom of bewitchment, incidentally, is inability to remember dreams.

They’ve been intensifying their supernatural campaign against me since September, that’s what sparked my suspicions and motivated me to start looking into all this stuff in the first place. I’ve known they were using the media to try and destroy me for decades now, imagine my surprise when I learned they have also been using occult forces to try and obliterate me too. I thought their intensifying their campaign had to do with the refurbishment of my building. They like to render me homeless as a result of refurbishments. I think it’s the symbolism involved that they like, but since that hasn’t happened this time I’m thinking it may actually have to do with my upcoming birthday or something associated with it.

As I said, I’ve been trying to do a little research into Satanism online, which has been very difficult as google refuses to answer any of my questions. I type in what I want to know and what comes back is complete nonsense that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what I asked. Whenever you ask about this people invariably spout out some bullshit about “algorithms”, which must be a fancy way of just saying it’s not working, which is something I already know. That’s okay, no big deal, I’m totally used to weird things like that happening to me. Between their messing with my technology through keylogger viruses and their own plants working in various websites and all the black magic curses they have been hurling at me for all these years, well, lets just say “I’ve seen some shit”.

They do have a Wikipedia page dedicated to “Laveyan Satanism” that I have breezed over and I notice they make pretenses to morality. I was thinking that if that’s the case and they do have a moral base, Dana is obviously trying to “punish” me for being bad, but since I’m really not at all bad that would explain why she has so far been unable to put an end to me. However, as good as that explanation may sound it’s based on a lie. Just because these people say they are championing justice doesn’t mean it’s so. Remember, they call themselves “Satanists” for crying out loud. I find it funny that they call their religion “Satanism” yet they claim they have nothing at all to do with the devil. Then why call yourselves “Satanists” if you have absolutely nothing to do with “Satan”? The hypocrisy of these people is so powerful it literally stinks. Since it seems to be the case that these people are indeed evil, my guilt or innocence doesn’t enter in to any of this. I’ve not been preserved because I’m pure or benign, no, it’s because I’m somehow protected by a force that’s more powerful than they are.

There must be a reason why they have been using both the media and Satanism to try and destroy me since the 70’s. This isn’t the workings of a personal grudge and I wasn’t selected randomly. There’s much more going on here than I can understand, maybe even more than I will ever be able to understand.

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