The Devil has Many Assholes:

1521018229045Not long ago I was talking about how I’ve been seeing cat or demon eyes watching me in the dark for the past 21 years and these goth girls are all like, “Cool” and “neat” and all that, but there’s really nothing cool or neat about any of this, it’s terrifying, and the fact that I’m not scared worries me. Why am I not concerned that I can see evil eyes staring at me in the dead of night when I’m trying to sleep?  Also I think I should be much more upset by the fact they have hidden cameras in my home than I am, after all, these are people who admit their magick and curses work through visualization, and here I am where I can be seen and watched all the time, 24 hours a day by Satanists who are out to do me in and I’m not even nervous about it. They already have cameras on the streets, in all the shops and restaurants so I should be very concerned these creeps also have them in my home. I think it’s pretty obvious they have put some kind of hex on me to make me passive in the face of all this. I’m not stupid, I know what they’re doing, but I think there’s something other than mere ‘confidence’ that’s preventing me from worrying about it. I think the fact I no longer draw and can’t even write anything beyond a daily journal post is just an incidental side effect of their “binding curse”. The fact I am so complacent and even cooperative when I know these people have eyes in my own home and they are out to get me is obviously the result of this spell. In fact this is it’s very purpose. This situation is unacceptable and something must be done, there is entirely too much at stake for me to be so cavalier about it. I’ve, of course, concocted several solutions to these problems but for some reason could never maintain my enthusiasm long enough to put them in to implementation. I don’t have quite enough money to carry out any of those plans right now, but rest assured that as soon as I do something very drastic is going to happen to remedy this situation.

As I was walking to the store just now my back went out for absolutely no reason and I have a unit inspection this week so I have to clean up around here. The timing is as unusual, very suspicious. Of course, according to folk wisdom bones and muscles frequently ache during wet, damp weather, but the timing is very inconvenient all the same.


Also, the inspection notice I received was most unusual. I’ve not received one in three or four years, so theres that, plus in the past they gave me much more time to prepare for it, and they always included a number I could call to request more time to prepare for it if I needed it. This time they made no mention of such an option. Now, I’m not implying that the building management is in on this, but I suppose it is possible that these Satanists have been up to their old tricks and slandered me to certain key people. I know they have the television show specifically for that but I know they also like to add the personal touch from time to time. Anyway, if some kind of a deadline that they are working against is coming up like I suspect it is I can expect them to start getting extra nasty from now on.

Oh well, no need to freak out. It’s bad luck to have a stiff back and be tired around the clock when you need to be preparing for an inspection, but as long as you cooperate and they can see that you’re doing the best you can you should be alright. I’m not doing anything I’m not supposed to so I’ve nothing to worry about.

I just wonder how much longer I’ll have to put up with their shit. This can’t go on forever and will have to come to an end some time.

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