The Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies:


I’ve known a lot of people who talk about writing a book, hell, I myself have been threatening to write a book for years now, and I’ve even known one or two who claim they are in the process of actually writing a book. So far none of these promised books have materialized, but this crazy bastard has really gone and done it! He’s not only written a book and even published it, but it’s a 649 page behemoth: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies”

As he starts his book by saying in his personal statement, this book isn’t about Zanuch or the hotly debated Protocols of Zion, not exclusively at any rate, it’s actually about nothing less than the Hollywood film industry itself from it’s inception to the present day and how it has, little by little, subverted the popular mind to its present confused state. This book is great, and not only because he quotes me extensively (LOL!), but because it’s full of fascinating insights and not widely known information not only about films, but the poeple who make them.

Although cinema is the youngest of the plastic arts it has, in both my opinion and that of the author, Rainer Chlodwig von K., had the most impact on Western culture in recent history. In fact, during the past 120 years it has transformed our culture beyond all recognition, and it’s degenerative influence has accelerated considerably since 1948 with the advent of television. The imaginary world these mediums show us has encouraged us for generations to let our guards down and be more ‘tolerant’ and accept all kinds of practices, organizations and policies that are not only incompatible with the world we had been working towards for hundreds of years, many of them have proven to be most harmful and corrosive to basic human nature and the high standard of living we once enjoyed. Of course all media, movies, television, radio, popular music, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, social media, video games (and this list is still growing as new technologies are perfected like virtual reality) work together to encase us in a matrix of subversive and destructive norms. In fact the author and I were recently discussing how weird and out of it most young people act these days. I remember my grandparents saying this same thing about my generation, and I have no doubt we were a lot more frivolous, irresponsible and selfish than young people were in the 1930’s. People born at the beginning of the last century have absolutely nothing, or, at least very little, in common with those born at the beginning of this one. The author and I believe the media is largely responsible for this, and many more people are waking up to this same conclusion every day. The “generation gap” had never before been much of an issue until the 1960’s when the media invented “youth culture” and started relentlessly promoting it. Then it suddenly became a very big issue and it hasn’t gone away since. In fact its since gotten so bad that it’s been commonly accepted as a given fact that kids and their parents can never be on the same wavelength.

Culture stayed pretty much the same for hundreds of years with only occasional superficial transformations from time to time due to economic and technological changes. The way people lived may have occasionally changed, and drastically, but social mores and values stayed basically the same.  Since the coming of the modern media (and film has been a major aspect of that) people’s attitudes and thinking started altering significantly, and it started to really accelerate in the early 60’s to where slang and popular thinking was being altered every few years, although this has slowed down considerably during the past 20 or 25 years. This is very likely because we’re finally approaching the final stages of their social engineering.

He comes on strong in his first chapter, “Alien Overlords of a Zombie Wasteland” where he jumps right into it discussing Hollywood’s never ending obsession with portraying dystopic future worlds and alternate realities of both physical and spiritual emptiness. He starts off with a disturbing observation about the movie, “Soylent Green” where “Sol Roth”, who is played by Edward G. Robinson, decides to have himself voluntarily euthanized in a government run center where they show you pleasant scenes set to peaceful music in a sort of cinema as they slowly drain the life out of you, and poignantly points out how this can easily be construed as an analogy for Western civilization allowing itself to whither away to nothing in front of a movie screen. Hollywood is full of symbolism like this. The occult and black magic are also full of symbolism and I see a very dark connection there. Don’t worry though, Rainer isn’t as esoteric as I am so you won’t be subjected to anything mystical like that, at least not if you don’t have any doubts that the media is just a gigantic machine used to alter the mass consciousness.

I remember when I was in junior high school that there was something of a debate about whether TV and movies copied life or whether or whether life copied television and film. It seemed to be a very good question to not only my 13 year old mind but the rest of the nation at the time. Of course there was never any real question about it, this whole “debate” was contrived, like the debate about whether television and movie violence affected the behavior of those who viewed it. There have been numerous studies that prove beyond a doubt that exposure to violence in the media inspires people to try and solve their own problems using violence, so of course media has a very profound effect on society, and children and people of low intelligence will be quickly influenced by what they watch, and through repeated exposure everyone else is eventually softened up enough to accept what they are shown in the media as “normal”. They will accept not only violence, but all the behavior they see staged before them in general. The people working in movies and television won’t admit this, not publicly at least, so they keep the debate alive in the media. Their most famous attempt at obfuscation was the “release valve” argument, where they claimed watching violence and pornography actually relieved building tensions in viewers making it much less likely that they will feel the need to actually indulge in such behavior, but ask any homicide detective and he’ll tell you how common it is for violent offenders to consciously replicate some gruesome murder they saw in a movie, or how many serial killers and rapists are heavily into pornography.
Don’t listen to the media’s hype, movies, television and even music have an undeniable affect on human behavior and they obviously know this, which is why they intentionally crank out all the degenerate crap they do. They will tell you they only do it because there’s a market for it, but considering a taste for such trash hardly even existed a generation or two before it’s obvious that they themselves have created this market that they claim they have to satisfy.


It used to be that people were very concerned about the influence media has on people. Anyone who knows about the events that lead to the introduction of the “Comics Code Authority” knows how serious people were about keeping unseemly material away from children and the simple minded. Fast forward to today and most parents either don’t care about such matters anymore or they are just so overwhelmed by the cesspool of filth and corruption we have come to live in that they feel helpless and wouldn’t even know where to begin to try and change things.

Just a small example, prior to the 1960’s people always dressed nice before going out in public and nobody would dream of using foul or even strong language at work or in front of women and children, but nowadays it seems to be perfectly normal to talk like ghetto trash in nearly any social situation. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that bad language started becoming common in movies in the mid to late sixties. Now it seems very common in movies to drop at least one or two “F bombs”. If I seriously looked into it I’ve no doubt I’d be able to trace the origins of today’s lax dress code to television and cinema too. The promiscuity young people started practicing in the 70’s is legendary today since it contrasted so starkly with the self control they had maintained till then. Is it only a coincidence that nearly every movie that came out at that time had at least one obligatory nude scene in it? Anyway Rainer does an excellent job of demonstrating how cinema has, time and again, foreshadowed things like “the Civil Rights Act” and the “Open Immigration Act” as well as every major war we have become embroiled in since “the War to End All Wars”.

He ends the book, appropriately, on the topic of censorship. Clearly we need some form of censorship to try and counter this “anything goes” swamp of prurient pandering we see everywhere these days. I used to be one of those “weird, cutting edge, over the top” gallery artists back in the day so I’m familiar with both sides of this debate. As the book points out a lot of the official arguments put forward against censorship, by the television and motion picture industries, of course, are suspiciously self serving and, frankly, ridiculous. Ironically enough they use the ‘slippery slope” approach to ridicule the idea of censorship, as if censoring gay BDSM porn will eventually lead to censorship of even the most benign forms of entertainment. This is very funny because we should know for a fact by now that the complete lack of censorship or the application of any kind of community standards is precisely what has led us to not only things like furry porn, Lolis, and all the other sick and weird stuff out there, but today’s chaotic, materialistic world where everything is “relative” and many people have not so much as a vestigial moral compass to guide their behavior any longer, but that’s okay as long as they have the media there to tell them what to do and think about everything.

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