Bow down to the maggots:

B11cf36c9f6dd4ff9cd8df39adec0e007b7a919ee0b837eac5 by Mister-Seen

Bow down for the maggots,

the maggots, the maggots,
Bow down to the maggots,
the maggots, the maggots,
This guy lives in an interesting set up-
A big place that opens up to a big patio area
consisting of a wooded frame with a tarpaulin stretched over it.
The place is real messy- all kinds of containers with the lids off all over the place.
Anyway, this guy is on vacation in some 3rd world Middle Eastern country
and he sees this guy in a prison cell (I think) screaming and acting insane
and he notices something crawling around under the skin of his head.
Later, back in the States, he gets an idea for a film project- no, I think that’s later.
First he starts renting those cheesy, low budget porno flicks
(actually this may have happened before the trip)
that are popular with the younger people. There’s a bunch of them in the series,
all starring an enchanting young lady whose name I can’t remember.
There’s a big line at the video store to rent them.
Anyway, this guy is really into them, and the guy always has a lot of friends,
both male and female, hanging out at his place.
Outer Limits - The Mutant (19) by Mister-Seen
Anyway, one of his friends offers to introduce him to the star of these films.
The guy says, “Okay”, so he meets her. And they talk. He tells her how much he likes her films.
Initially there’s a gay couple there and one mentions how much he likes her perfect ass and his boyfriend gets jealous.
They leave. I forget if there’s some ceremony or if she just puts some sort of spell on him,
but the guy is changed into some muscular, long blond haired, blue eyed, huge, thick cocked version of himself.
They fuck- she acts bored the entire time- then she leaves. Then we notice that under his skin is teaming with writhing maggots.
It gets confusing at this point because we don’t know if whats happening is real or just him making his movie-
but now he has these powers. He can turn invisible. He does and he goes across the street to this place
where a bunch of young ladies are hanging out to rape and kill them, you know, strangle, stab and cut off their heads.
Then, I think, while returning to his place he accidentally messes up the tarpaulin and the street is flooded with water.
Later, when he and his friends go out and fix it, they can’t find some of the support pegs-
so he gets a flashlight and finds them, washed by the current, under the main frame-
or was it the car? So they fix it.

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