Existential Spiral:

Its a Nice Day by Mister-Seen
I think a big part of the reason they have been trying to wear me down so I’d take an early exit has to do with how they want to present this show to the world. I’m sure these worthless hacks like to think of it as an original venture, the first of its kind. Whether they consider it the world’s first reality show or the longest documentary of someone’s life ever made I can prove it has never been either. I want to be here to let everybody know that this was never a “reality show” worthy of the name and it certainly wasn’t a “documentary”. Not a true to life documentary at least. Not at all. Or, rather, if it is a “documentary” its only a documentary about their ruining my life, or them making sure I’d never have much of one to begin with. This thing has always been as contrived as any television sit com, soap opera, or any other staged production. Anyone who knows anything about modern media knows how fastidious they are about every detail of what they show. They are experts at using images and language to influence people’s thoughts and actions, and since everything shown on TV is mind control they want everything “just so”. They are absolute control freaks and they have been manipulating both me and my life constantly ever since they started this thing decades ago. I can’t wait for this nightmare to finally end so I will at last be free from these evil puppet masters and what they have been doing to me all my life. These assholes have been holding me down and trying to drive me crazy for the past 44-49 years. You have no idea what it’s like having your life constantly interfered with by these sociopaths. They are fucking sick in the head. They may have even been using black magick on me all this time, though I’m not sure I believe in that stuff, but they are Satanists and that’s what those people do. If there’s anything to all that it would explain a lot of the strange things that have been happening to me. Of course I mean all the strange things on top of what they have been obviously doing to me with their show and all the behind the scenes bullshit they have been pulling on me.

I recently came across an old journal from 2001 and reading it totally depressed me. It reminded me of how all my life nothing has ever worked out mostly due not only to my seemingly inexplicable bad luck, but to everybody always acting weird around me and toward me. I had very little control over how people perceived me so naturally that made it very difficult for me to get along with anyone. I always knew something very strange was going on but I never knew exactly what. Of course I suspected I was the center of some bizarre kind of attention but who automatically jumps to the conclusion that all their problems extend from having been exploited by a fucking secret TV show all their life? Of course all dark deeds require the strictest secrecy and this is why they have always insisted everybody lie to me about it. Anyway it’s obviously an extremely fucked up situation and it’s a wonder I’ve not snapped and gone on a homicidal spree years ago.

Believe me, I really hate complaining all the time like this, but I really feel trapped. I’ve felt claustrophobic, trapped and closed in nearly my entire life and could never get away from it. I’ve felt this way almost as far back as I can remember. Wherever I moved this nightmare has followed me around. It has been impossible to get away from or hide from it. I think by now I’ve made my feelings about all this obvious.

I think they figured that because both my parents were drug addicts that it would be easy for them to use drugs to ultimately get rid of me while it was convenient. Fortunately it turned out I’m made of much sterner stuff than they assumed and I was able to walk away from all that as soon as I figured out what they were up to. I’m very fortunate that that was the case.

It’s been hell, but despite the fact that I’ve been complaining about what this thing has been doing to me, even for years before I was even sure what has been going on, they’ve consistently ignored my pleas for mercy and refuse to let up. Instead they laugh at me, and whats even worse these sadistic bastards even intensify it. There can be no doubt they have been using this thing to try and kill me because they always greatly escalate their slander campaign against me whenever I get into any kind of trouble, and usually they themselves are the ones who caused that trouble in the first place.

I make these posts so there can be no question as to how I feel about all this, or how I’ve always felt about all this. I even sent out more cease and desist notices lately. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I sent them out about ten years ago too. Below is what I sent out. The ones I sent out last time were very similar. I know they got them the last time I sent them out. Not only do I have the receipts from the ones I sent certified mail I also emailed copies to them too, and they responded to them, so there is no doubt they got them. Below is what I recently sent:
MjgzNTU2Mw by Mister-Seen
(names and addresses have been omitted)
To Whom it may concern:
You are hereby directed to cease and desist all defamation and slander of Ronald F, Tweedie’s character and reputation.

Ronald F. Tweedie knows you have been engaging in spreading incendiary and defamatory stories and rumors about him.
It is not only illegal to abuse the airwaves to slander someone, it is also illegal to make and broadcast audiotapes of someone recorded without their knowledge and permission in the State of California and to secretly videotape someone in their own home and then broadcast that video over the airwaves without their knowledge or permission.
It is also a criminal act to hide cameras and microphones in their private residence for the purpose of recording and spying on them.
Stop manufacturing, broadcasting and distributing all such illegally made videos and recordings IMMEDIATELY!
Also you do NOT have Ronald F. Tweedie’s permission to use ANY of his art, photographs or writings on any of your videos or broadcasts.
You have been warned and the community knows you have been warned.
Cease also using any of the above illegally made or stolen materials over the internet as well. Also immediately take down any pictures of Ronald F. Tweedie and his home and any copies of his private emails you have posted on your website.
This harassment must STOP! Your slander and libel has cost Ronald F. Tweedie his livelihood and has grown so bad he is uncomfortable leaving his house. You are out of control and I demand you stop this harassment NOW!
This letter serves as a notice to you to immediately cease and desist all harassing activities against Ronald F. Tweedie, including, but not limited to your television show and website that exploits him.
Your actions are unwanted and have become unbearable to him. Your actions infringe upon his right to remain free of harassment. As a result of your harassment he has suffered immeasurably.
Ronald F. Tweedie
30624121 10211524580652042 7728796600769618329 N by Mister-Seen
They will probably make themselves scarce and not sign for them this time. Dana is in my computer again so she likely knows I made them. Don’t ask me how she got in here but as usual she has no self control and like a bratty child she lets me know she’s there. That’s okay. I’m sure that if I do hear back from them they’ll just lie to me like last time. Fine. Everybody reads this journal and everybody knows they read it too so everyone knows how I feel about all this and that its not okay. Not okay at all.

Although I sometimes worry that they don’t ever intend to compensate me for the nearly fifty fucking years of hell they put me through it seems I’m pretty famous so a lot of people know about this thing, which seems to make it much less likely they plan on totally screwing me. I have noticed that, although they don’t seem to spare any expense on surveillance equipment, spies and whores they have yet to directly give so much as a cent to me, their star, the source of all the money they’re making. It’s bad enough I’ve never been paid, but they even get you guys to pay for my room and board. If this isn’t proof that the entertainment industry controls the government and not the other way around I don’t know what is.

Although I’d really like nothing better than to teach these evil people a lesson after everything they’ve put me through I feel just the fact that I’ve survived it all relatively unscathed is pretty good revenge by itself considering how badly they wanted to put an end to me. Nobody has any idea what I’ve been through. Everybody from coworkers, employers, teachers, cops, hell, you name it, random people from all over the place, has been dumping on me constantly over the years because of that psychotic show of theirs. My entire life, starting from when I was very young, has been fucked up and wasted by a show they had no right to make and no one has any right to watch. They never told me what they were doing and they never paid me a fucking cent and the whole time they have been intentionally working to make my life as depressing as possible. Yeah, I can’t wait till this is finally over but it should have ended a long time ago. In fact it never should have been done at all.

There’s a lot more going on here than just my having been relentlessly harassed for nearly half a century by a bunch of rich assholes. There’s also many important legal and philosophical questions at stake, constitutionality, my right to privacy and my freedom to think what I want and what I have the right to say in the privacy of my own home. I refuse to say the same stupid, ignorant shit everybody is expected to just to please the people who are invading my privacy. I have a right say anything I want in private and certainly no one has a right to eavesdrop and especially to record and broadcast it. Anyway by now I’m only speaking to the densest among you as I’d have thought that much should be obvious.

That’s all I wanted to say today. Just wanted there to be absolutely no mistake how I feel about all this, assuming there ever was any ambiguity on that subject.

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