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From Deviantart:
To start off with I just want to say a few words about Karen. You may recall an earlier post where I mentioned that I felt I was visited by the spirit of Karen’s mother because I promised her that I’d help take care of Karen after she left. Why did I promise Karen’s mother I’ll take care of her? Because I feel I owe her a debt.

One of the main reasons I’d developed so many bad habits during the past 25 years was because that damned show had been systematically pruning my life of not only meaningful relationships over the years, but all forms of human contact. In that time they’d managed to totally isolate me from everyone else. Since there wasn’t anyone I cared about in my life anymore, and no one seemed to care about me, I not only developed a lot of antisocial tendencies, I wasn’t very fastidious about looking out for my health either. I think most mature people look out for themselves because they know that they affect the people around them. If you allow your health to deteriorate you become a burden to your friends and family. If you die you create emotional hardship for those who care about you, but I can’t say I was thinking about all that when I finally decided to get my thing together.

I admit my motivations were more selfish originally. I knew a lot of rather disgusting and slimy types wanted me out of the picture, this seemed to include nearly all of the maladjusted losers in the Bay Area. I didn’t know many of these people, never even met them before in fact. I didn’t even know anybody they knew, but, retards that they are they saw me presented negatively on the idiot box and, based on that alone, decided that I needed to die. Well, fuck those fools. I don’t oblige morons so I decided to clean up my act. I had decided to stop doing a lot of the stuff I was doing once I made this discovery, but something about having someone in my life who actually seemed genuinely concerned about me, someone who seemed to worry about me even when I wasn’t there was the final detail I needed to solidify my determination to make it all happen and basically become a better person.

If I’m honest with myself I have to admit that I have reason to suspect that everybody I know is involved in this conspiracy against me, even if it is in only a marginal way, but Karen did help save my life. At the very least she did help me to get more firmly in charge of my own behavior. Her just being there gave my life the very meaning those media assholes had been trying to withhold from me since I started high school, so if I live long enough to get my reward I feel it’s only right that I use part of it to help her. Of course there are many people who don’t want me to ever get my hands on that reward and these people feel compelled to make trouble for me at any and every opportunity hoping against hope that they can give me a push or a shove in the wrong direction and be instrumental in getting me to finally crash and burn. ‘Crash, burn and blow’ up ideally.

Someone may be trying to have my account here shut down. For the future, in case anything like that should ever actually happen here’s some of the other places I post these journal entries if you care to keep up on them:

I post these entries in several places online so that I know I can always speak directly to the public about these media jerks and everything they are doing to me.
At first I thought they were just trying to shut me down so they could regain their monopoly over the story of my life, but I’m pretty sure they link back to this journal on their website so that wouldn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. Of course it could just be some true believer who thinks everything they see on television is completely true and has made it their mission to shut me down because they think I’m evil or some bullshit.

Actually I think it’s most likely Dana K. Brownfield and her media cohorts could very well be behind this, but their shutting down my DA account would just be a means to an end, assuming that’s even any part of their plan in the first place. At first it crossed my mind that one of my posts may have pissed them off and they didn’t want the public to read it. I was specifically thinking of the “Cease and Desist” post when this idea occurred to me. Then I remembered that lately Dana been making it obvious to me that she is in my computer (via either some back door that was built into it or through a keylogger program) so if she didn’t want the public reading a specific post of mine she could just go ahead and delete it herself. Considering all this I’m fairly certain that this newest harassment is simply meant as another one of their distractions.

I’ve long noticed that one of their favorite tactics is to try and overwhelm me with a bunch of irrelevant annoyances whenever I have to deal with anything genuinely important to my well being. I think there’s a term for this: “taking out a mortgage” on someone. One guy holds you down while a bunch of other guys pummel you black and blue- only figuratively in my case, but they have done this to me a few times before so I know it’s definitely their preferred method of operation.

Whenever I have to focus on a serious problem I find myself suddenly vexed by an onslaught of other troubles from all directions of varying degrees of urgency. These serious problems requiring my undivided attention that I’ll need to deal with are usually problems they themselves have created for me. They always hit me hard and fast with all these distractions while I’m faced with these difficulties to try and make me fail at whatever it is that I need to do to overcome them. I do realize that’s how life is a lot of times, but in many of these cases it’s just uncanny how orchestrated and choreographed these assaults obviously are. As I’ve told you several times before, they prefer to work secretly behind the scenes because they want all my life’s setbacks as well as any mistakes I make when trying to deal with them to appear as though they are all entirely my own fault, which is kind of ridiculous when you consider that for decades now they have been making a defamatory television show about me for a living. Common sense should tell anyone that I already have a world of extra problems just by being the focus of a shitty show like that alone. I already know they’ve been kicking up their on air defamation of me during the past week or two judging by how hostile people have been behaving towards me lately. If you recall I told you they do that every time I have to face unusual challenges. They obviously do that to make these challenges seem much more imposing than they otherwise would. Everything seems much more intimidating when we find ourselves immersed in negativity.

This making trouble with my DA account is only one of several problems that they are making for me right now. They appear to have a lot of influence and also have some pretty surprising connections, so I’m sure many of you would think I was delusional if I told you some of the other things they are doing to make my life difficult for me now. That’s okay though, I have my priorities straight and I know what I need to focus on. Nothing will cause me to deviate from the path I have before me. I know how obsessed they are with destroying me, but I simply will not allow that to happen. I realize it may seem that I am jumping to conclusions by assuming all the bad things that are happening have been orchestrated by one small group of people, but, like I said before, the timing is much too suspicious so I can’t easily write any of this off as only a strange coincidence.
Anyway, write down or bookmark the above mentioned blogs because I may temporarily deactivate this account soon just so I don’t have to worry about it during this crucial period in my life. In fact I may even start a blog with my own name as a title so that anyone can find it during Google searches.

Anyway, I know why they want to distract me so I will not allow myself to be distracted. If I get through this thing okay I won’t even give a f*ck about this account anymore anyway because I’ll finally have genuinely interesting things to write about and I can take art lessons from the best so I could finally do some genuinely impressive work. That is assuming I still even want to do anything like that at all once I have the money to actually live well.

One of the things they are doing is going crazy reporting old deviations and getting them pulled. Actually the reasons given for the deletions of the deviations are pretty nit picky, and some don’t make any sense or just aren’t explained at all like in the example below. Based on how ridiculous of some of the reasons given are I suspect this may be an inside job, which doesn’t mean SF Commons has nothing to do with it. They have a lot of connections and are very good at pulling strings. Seriously though, come on, if DA has issues with an example of my work that is so strong they feel they need to pull it down from a gallery that I pay for I assume it must violate some very specific rule. Just saying that it’s “unacceptable” or that it has “unacceptable” details in it really doesn’t communicate anything. Especially since once they delete it you can’t go look at it for yourself to try and figure out exactly what the fuck they are talking about. This is only one example. Anyway I may just stay away from this account for a while and just come back when all this is over and just hope it’s still here when I get back because I simply don’t have the time to deal with any of this now. The only reason I’m writing this post is because presently its too damned hot to work.

I’d like to contact DA about this since I’m obviously the victim of yet another conspiracy here, but all I can find both here and on google are links to endless lists of FAQ with no way to directly contact anyone that I can see.

In the past couple of days five or six deviations have been pulled down. I’ve been here at least eight years so I have thousands of deviations up and I really don’t have time to comb through my whole account deleting anything that could possibly be reported and pulled by overzealous saboteurs. I certainly don’t have time to do that and do all the stuff I have to take care of in the coming couple of months to ensure my continued survival.

Of course I could be over reacting. These people have been pushing my buttons literally all my life so they are experts on how to agitate me. They probably aren’t trying to shut me down at all since links to sites like this one are one of the main attractions of their website. They’re probably just trying to get me worked up. Well, if you are reading this DKB and SF Commons, pat yourselves on the back assholes, mission accomplished. Anyway whatever happens to this site is totally meaningless when compared to my successfully getting through my present trial and winning this thing. I have to win this thing otherwise the lifetime I’ve spent suffering at your twisted hands will have been for nothing. Truth be told your trying to hurt me by doing petty shit like this only strengthens my determination to finally defeat you once and for all if anything.

Oh well, since this is likely being done to either drive me crazy or prevent me from taking care of business maybe the best thing I can do for now is just ignore all this bullshit and keep my eyes on whats at stake.
Considering what I have to gain it’s no wonder jealous people can’t stop fucking with me.

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