Month: June 2018

Invisible Force Field:

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I hope I’ve not mentioned this already, but while boxing up some of my stuff I came across an old drawing I forgot I even made. It’s just a cartoon actually, and I mean “cartoon” in the original sense, “a preparatory drawing for a piece of art”. Sometimes I’ll work out the drawing in a sketchbook or on a cheap piece of paper before transferring it to a more expensive piece of paper because sometimes the nice paper can’t handle too much erasure. It’s a picture of Jesus casting out demons and sending them into a herd of swine, but, unfortunately I have no idea when I drew it, it could be anywhere from twelve to twenty three years old. I’ll scan and upload it as soon as I set up my scanner, hopefully before the end of this month.
Friday, June 1st: Damn, I’ve been cleaning all day and its still a dump in here. This is terrible. After 6 I’ll make a couple of trips out to the space, but then I’ll be really tired and I’ll still have a ton of work to do!
Tuesday, June 5th: I’ve been working so hard for the past few days trying to make up for years of neglect that I think I’ll take part of the day off today.

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. Night before last I only got five hours sleep and last night I popped open wide awake after only four hours so I don’t have very much energy today.

Must be the stress of having to deal with all this. Besides, people are coming by too today. Though it’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve not finished yet I need to remind myself that its a damned better sight than it was. Actually it’s not really even as bad as I’m making it sound, it’s just kind of nasty in the corners and behind the furniture and stuff. Anyway, when I finish that I need more boxes for the knick knacks and drawer contents. Then I need to take care of the dining room and the closet by the window. Oh, and the hallway closet too. It’s all coming along even though today is a total bust.

I just found a packet of ginseng tablets so I’m feeling better!
Packing with a deadline is funny. You know how you start up packing with economy of space in mind but by the end your basically just tossing miscellaneous stuff in boxes just to get it out of sight.
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Dana would LOVE me out on the street, she’s been repeatedly trying to do that to me for the past 25 years. The only time she accomplished that was when she managed to get me into her home, then waited a while and kicked me out for no reason. I don’t know what reason she may have given the public, but she only gave me a very vague excuse having to do with some kind of renovations. Near as I know she never did anything like that.

If I was living on the street with no door to lock in front of me or roof over my head I’d be very vulnerable, especially since at last I’d not be on camera 24 hours a day. It would be a simple matter to get rid of me once and for all then. The only flaw in Dana’s plan last time was that I still had my car. That’s why she wanted it taken away. Before the theft of my driver’s license she was instrumental in getting it towed on a flimsy pretext through her connections in the OPD. Fortunately I was able to get it back.

Another lie she told me to hurry me out of there was she had only been charging me rent in order to save it for me “because she knows how bad I am with money”, and that if I got back in touch with her after a couple of days she would give it all to me. This would have amounted to many thousands of dollars. Of course I was thinking this would be too good to be true and I knew she was lying again, but I was in no position to argue. I know I could have got the cops involved because I had mail in my name and she didn’t give me a 30 day notice to vacate, but the most time I could have bought for myself was 30 days from that date. I also may have been able to get her into serious trouble for renting out a room that was unfit for human habitation, but if you don’t think she wouldn’t have made that thirty additional days a misery to me and kicked up her media slander to white hot levels you’re very naive. Naturally when I later inquired after this money she only laughed at me.

You know, that Dana Brownfield is a real piece of work. She’s been making a damned fortune off of me for over two decades, but after she used her show to spook me into her basement in Oakland she charged me $350 a month rent (it had no heat or bathroom facilities) and made me do her yard work and take care of her cats and all that, and all along my even being there at all was just the penultimate step of her plan to make me homeless. I guess I need to keep in mind that people like her think the rest of us only exist for them to exploit as they wish. What a twisted bitch. She’s made a huge pile of money off of me and now wants to get rid of me because she’s through with me and my continued survival could potentially prove to be a liability to her after all the fucked up stuff she’s done to me over the years. They have been pretty generous with some of the people they’ve hired to fuck me up. Two examples off the top of my head: Anne Hunt bought a car and took a lot of trips, two to Europe, even though she only had a part time teacher’s aid job, and Lisa Brennan, despite living off Social Security, was buying a house in Oakland. Me, I’ve never gotten anything but trouble and misery from Dana and these people despite my being the star of their show and their cash cow since I was less than ten years old. I think their endgame is pretty obvious here.

Their keeping me poor by constantly slandering me not only made it easier for them to control me, it also made me much easier for them to get rid of once they decided they were through with me. Plus their successfully isolating me has made it much less likely anyone would bother to look too deeply into my premature demise or sue them in civil court over it, or anything else associated with all this once I’ve gone. These people are more evil than Satan himself. And don’t be fooled by her working in the ‘non-profit sector’, that’s the biggest scam ever. UNICEF, for instance, who has fund drives a few times every year in public schools where they guilt all the kids into handing over their lunch money does raise a fortune by such means, but only 3 cents out of every dollar actually gets anywhere near the purported beneficiaries. The rest goes towards paying all the heavily padded salaries of the people running that organization. You can bet that all the “”charities” Dana has worked for aren’t much better. The whole business is a massive scam.
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I’m doing my best to prove the flaws in their arrogant ideas. Just because they create a false world for people to mentally inhabit with their media and fill it with destructive ideas, people can choose to ignore that poison and go by real world observation and common sense instead. Their dangerous “ideals” permeate everything they film, print or record. I do, on occasion, watch old TV shows, see movies and read comics, but I know that those things represent false worlds. No one in their right mind would allow themselves to be seriously influenced by them. Also, I can understand why they thought that making someone’s life transparent would force them to conform and comply with the common mind (which they control with their media monopoly) but I think I’ve proven that it is very possible to speak and act independently despite all that. When I speak of making someone’s life “transparent” I’m only, of course, speaking about being able to see and hear everything they do or say since there’s no way as of yet to actually look into a person’s mind, but don’t worry, as I’ve said before, they’re working on that even as we speak. Anyway, I plan on surviving this horrible situation they have made for me and when it is over I plan on taking steps to ensure nothing like this ever happens to anyone ever again.

Actually, for now at least, things seem to be going even better now than I expected them too on all fronts. I’m very pleased and I’m maintaining my optimism and not feeling quite so fatigued anymore.
(BTW I recently added a tiny bit more to the end of my PID essay)

I was thinking lately about other reasons why Dana may have blown her top and started harassing me so energetically over the internet recently. This last occurrence happened about the time I mailed the Cease and Desist order to her at her home. Since she spies on me online using her privileged access to my Deviantart account she was able to read it before I even sent it to her (I foolishly saved a copy of it in my “stash’ after I wrote it out) so she already knew what I was preparing before I sent it. I sent it certified, so of courser, since she knew what it was she refused to sign for it and had the carrier lie for her saying she couldn’t deliver it because the address had no receptacle for mail (that was the odd “reason” written on the envelope when it was returned to me). That’s okay, the public saw it and knew what it said so there can be no question concerning how I feel about my lifelong persecution at their hands. I think she was just enraged that I actually have her new address. I guess she thought she was hiding from me up there in Oregon. Fortunately we have a mutual acquaintance I guess she’s forgotten about so all her movements are known to me. Anyway I’m just guessing here trying to figure out her motives. I may be wrong since it’s often impossible to fathom the twisted minds of some of these media miscreants.

Just checking in:

From Deviantart:

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As you may know I’m not too keen on cinema, but my new favorite movie is “The Man Who Laughs”, a 1927 film based on the Victor Hugo novel “The Laughing Man”, which is about a child from a royal family who is kidnapped and disfigured, forced to live his life as a sort of clown to make buffoons laugh. Don’t ask me why, but somehow the movie speaks to me. I have no idea why though.

I just did a little research on Bob Powell, the comic book artist. I think his best work was done for Harvey comics, their “horror” line especially, although he’d worked in the industry since the beginning (1938). Unfortunately he died in 1966 of pancreatic cancer, but immediately prior to that he was the editor of “Sick” magazine. I also found out that he was born one year after my maternal grandfather in 1916 and that he attended the same high school in Buffalo Now York that he did too, “East High”. That’s quite a discovery, I wonder if they actually knew each other? Well, they’re both gone now so there’s no way of knowing, but it’s interesting to think about all the same.

In other Ron related news I’m drinking apple juice from now on. I used to drink lemonade, but I noticed the very first ingredient listed on the pink lemonade is high fructose corn syrup. In fact it’s the first ingredient listed on all the juice concentrates except cranberry and apple, possibly orange too but I didn’t check that. I’ve read somewhere that drinking a lot of that high fructose stuff can impair one mentally, plus, since I almost got diabetes I should probably stay away from artificial sweeteners. (actually I just did some more research and I can’t drink anymore fruit juice AT ALL until I get checked out and the doctor gives me the green light!)

Last night I thought I lost my wallet. Talk about an anxiety attack. I had forgotten that it was in my book bag. I put it there because I didn’t wear my jacket when I went to Big Lots yesterday because the weather has been getting almost unendurably hot lately.

I just burned the fuck out of my fingers with boiling hot water this morning. Hurt like hell too, I was dancing around yelling for ten to fifteen solid seconds after it happened. They haven’t started to blister yet but damn do they hurt and I have lots of stuff to do today!
It’s now a couple hours later and they don’t hurt so bad at all. If I’d actually touched the stove or an active burner I know I’d have blisters by now. Funny, I thought boiling water burns would be worse, but I guess dry burns are worse because of more tissue damage or something.

I just came home from running errands and I see our local meth/homeless community is thriving. I think it’s funny when I see all those bums with their begging signs that end with, “God bless” or, “B safe!” because I know most of those people would slit your throat for a dollar if they knew they could get away with it.That bitch Dana Brownfield manage to render me homeless eleven years ago through an elaborate scheme that went on for a number of years. I was living out of my car for a month or two but I never panhandled. I got a stipend from the government, but living on the street is much more expensive than most people realize. You can’t prepare your own food for one thing and parking costs money, plus I had a bit of a habit. That was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind and killing myself during that ordeal.

Having psychotic, power mad rich fucks on the warpath against you trying to kill you nearly your entire life while televising it and slanting everything so you seem like the fuck up obviously makes life much more difficult than it is for people who are allowed to live normal lives unmolested. I used to sometimes tell myself they were just testing me. I did this so the whole experience wouldn’t seem quite so threatening, but, of course I was only trying to fool myself. The night before that Dana bitch kicked me out (after her broadcast made sure the entire community of the San Francisco Bay Area was hostile towards me) she had one of her asshole friends hack into my cellphone and delete all my contacts and she even snuck into my room as I was sleeping and stole my driver’s license out of my wallet hoping to get my car taken away from me so I wouldn’t even have that anymore. That sort of behavior goes far beyond mere testing deep into homicidal psychopath territory. What an evil POS. Fortunately I still had my old, expired license in my wallet and the cops could use that to see that I had updated it. I guess she feels she’s painted herself into a corner and has no choice but to kill me to save herself. She certainly doesn’t want to deal with me anymore once I’m finally independently wealthy. Well, it’s not my fault she went overboard meddling with my life making it into a living hell, I certainly shouldn’t have to die for her fucking sins- although she seems to think that I should. What an entitled bitch. She seems to be incapable of restraining herself. When she feels she has absolute power over someone she just goes nuts. She obviously has a lot of pent up anger inside her, but why? She’s privileged as fuck and always got treated with favoritism her entire life. Despite this she’s been using her position in the media to make my life needlessly difficult. Well, judgement day is fast coming and she will stop at nothing to avoid it. All I know is that I will have to survive all the snares and obstacles she’s always laying before me if I ever want her to answer for any of the fucked up shit she has done to me.

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I’ve been thinking, I know I’ve said that Dana Brownfield found a way into my computer but I just realized that all the really weird things that have happened to me online, like my posts being deleted while I was in the process of writing them, have happened on this site, Deviantart. Her lack of self control always gives her away. I think Dana must be either working or volunteering for them and is using her position to harass me.

She may be trying to shut me down so I can no longer give my side to things, but she is also very immature and prone to childlike temper tantrums so she could just be angry that I’ve yet again foiled their nefarious plans to destroy me and this is just her doing her best to try and hurt me through any and all means available to her.

You may have noticed that I’ve put all my deviations into storage except a few recent prose pieces, yet despite the fact the public can no longer see any of my work yet another piece has been pulled today. How can someone be reporting my work if the public can’t see it? This is proof that this is an inside job since only the staff at DA can see stored work. These pieces have been up at least six to eight years yet eight of them have been reported and pulled in the last few days, and often for very exaggerated or ambiguous reasons. This is textbook harassment. I’m not particularly upset about the pictures getting yanked as I have no doubt they have everything I’ve ever posted online up at their illegal website, I just don’t want to lose this soap box because I get quite a bit of traffic here.

Damned good thing I moved away from the Berkeley/San Francisco area or all those true believers would really be giving me hell right now. Dana’s tentacles reach out here too but I’d really be suffering right now if I was still in the belly of the beast.

Again, in case anything ever happens at this account you can read all my latest posts and updates at the following two locations: