dolphin sex

Dolphin sex


Dolphins are capable of manipulating their vaginal muscles in order to provide maximum pleasure
Women are not
Dolphins secrete a substance that allows you to continously ejaculate as long as your dick remains inside the vagina
Women do not
Dolphins cannot cheat on you as they do not form lasting, intimate relationships
Women can, and most enjoy doing it
Dolphins do not mind if you fuck another dolphin
A woman will flip out if you fuck another woman
Dolphins don’t mind if you cum inside. They won’t force you to pay child support for 18 years like a woman. You can’t even get them pregnant
Dolphins won’t leave you for another dolphin with more money. Dolphins do not have a system of currency and are not consumer whores like women
If you are the submissive type, dolphins can be aggressive, and far more convincingly aggressive, not like a bimbo bitch who doesn’t scare anyone
Dolphins do not expect you to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them
Dolphins give up easily
Dolphins do not demand more rights than men simply for having a vagina
Dolphins do not organize shitty feminist parades
You can swim and play with a dolphin in the ocean
Dolphins are more intelligent than women

Everything a real woman can do, a dolphin does better, and without being a bitch. So, how come you haven’t fucked a glorious dolphin yet?