rockridge fellowship

Satanic Triangles


Damn what a day today. We’ve been getting late starts lately, but we’ve been going out doing stuff, mostly spending Karen’s money and using her credit. Personally I don’t think it’s good Karen having credit as I don’t see it ending well.

Anyway, Karen gets these migraines, and when she does she see’s, like, distorted triangles I guess. I remember around 35 years ago when I dropped acid I saw a lot of triangles too. Crazy triangles within triangles, flying everywhere, surrounding things like an aura. No, not an aura, more like, you know, how iron filings arrange themselves around a magnet. I distinctly remember these triangles impressing me as evil, Satanic.

Indeed, we are surrounded by Satanic triangles. There’s the six¬†triangles that surround the Semitic star, stars in general. Jews love stars for some reason, red commie stars, movie stars, all stars are surrounded by triangles. You know pink triangles are symbolic of homosexuality, oh, and 12 step meetings use a big triangle as their symbol.

I have long noticed that jews LOVE 12 step meetings and they are always pushing those on people like they are so wonderful. The most famous 12 step group is Alcoholics Anonymous. Jews are always pushing to get people into AA as well as the other 12 step groups they have, even though studies have shown that 12 step meetings are no more successful than any other type of program or therapy, yet they stubbornly promote AA above all else. Well, think about what those meetings are, you have to participate in a group and lay your soul bare to a bunch of complete strangers. It’s creepy. You have to tell these assholes EVERYTHING, all your darkest, deepest secrets.

I thought I was having substance abuse problems for a while. I thought I NEEDED that program, mostly because I fell for all their propaganda. I honestly believed doing everything THEY told me to was the only way I could ever possibly live anything like a normal life ever again.The last time I attended one of those meetings was like 6 or 7 years ago. It was the Rockridge Fellowship in Rockridge not far from the UC Berkeley campus, so, as you can imagine it was pretty fucking jewy. Of course everybody thinks EVERYBODY is accepted in those meetings and no one is negatively judged, but of course you know what assholes jews can be. Those fucking yids made me very unwelcome. Funny though, it wasn’t till relatively recently I began delving and learning the real deal about kikes. I think back then I only made the occasional joke. I got real pissed once back in ’93 and cursed the whole lot of them when one screwed me out of $25,000 in a business transaction. Naturally I was pissed as I could have lived for three years on that money. Anyway, apparently that was enough for these ‘chosen’ to break all their facile ethics and withdraw from me any of the help they say they gladly offer to everyone, even all the dregs of subhumanity. Funny how jewish behavior is never an issue, the trouble only ever starts when you express dissatisfaction over it because then you have committed the unforgivable crime of ANTISEMITISM!! Oh well, fuck those clowns. They actually did me a favor. By being mean to me they broke the spell AA and NA had over me. After that rude slap in the face I saw through their bullshit and I realized I didn’t need those pieces of shit to get my life back together. I knew I had to rely on myself ultimately for anything I wanted to accomplish so I just put myself back together and moved on.

This whole, “God, as we understand him” is going to be the new world religion, you wait and see.