“V” for Vendetta



I’ve never seen the film with that name, but the other day I finally read the comic, or, as they are called these days, “graphic novel” with the same title. The art was by David Lloyd, whose work is very efficient and professional. I don’t know much about comics these days, but I’m sure he’s a very popular artist.

It was written by Alan Moore, who promotes smoking marijuana and thinks “racism” is the most stupid and evil thing ever. He undeniably has a literary bent. This is why he stands out above most of the hacks who dominate the comic biz. I actually liked the work he’s done for “Swamp Thing”. Since that comic is notoriously eco-friendly his hippy dippy philosophy is actually an asset there, but I really have some problems with much of his other work. I’m not sure whether he’s jewish or just as naive as hell, but…

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