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My latest emails to Dana:

mattress crash

Thinking of you:

You know, thinking of the way you “people” have been destroying my life for the past 40 years, then how you positively fume over the “terrible things I say” puts me in mind of an old Polish proverb:

“The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”

Give my regards to Pappy Poopwiener!
The hapless victim of your never ending lies
It is human nature to hate him whom you have injured -tacitus

It’s really quite amazing that despite the world of shit you assholes have been putting me through since I was a child that I am as well adjusted as I am. Of course, after I finally found out what you have been doing to me all these years and gave it a few years to sink in I have managed to balance myself upright again.

I was a mess for years. I knew a lot of very weird things were going on but I didn’t know why. All those supposed mental conditions I suffered were not due to any kind of congenital chemical imbalance in my brain, they were situational, and you pieces of shit were creating the situation. There was the depression, of course none of the medication did any good countering it because I was depressed with good reason. Your fucking criminal show was the reason I couldn’t get anywhere in life. Your constant slander was the reason my abilities were never justly rewarded. The “social anxiety disorder” they had me
taking benzodiazepines for was obviously just my noticing the fact that everyone was treating me weird because your illegal broadcasting project consistently portrayed me as a freak before the public. I can only thank God I never got addicted to any of those drugs as I hear they are a bitch to get off of. I find it funny how you, you monumental, towering pile of human filth, always delighted in telling me I had to take responsibility fir things. Of course I always did, but of course I find it funny that none of it was my fault, but yours. I know how you people operate.
You wanted to make a sort of subversive show illustrating how a nice looking White kid was actually totally insane. You “people” seem to be obsessed with this kind of racist slander. If any of you had an honest bone in your body you’d present the whole thing as what happens when a perfectly normal kid finds his life ran by maladjusted jews. That will drive anyone batshit crazy. Of course I could never make close friends while being featured in your twisted spotlight. True romance was out of the question since only strange women and the whores you paid to cozy up to me would want their personal lives featured on your childish hack production for the entertainment of half wits and misfits.
It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see how being in the middle of a secret broadcast like this one’s entire life can lead to paranoia, exhibitionism, drug addiction, depression, and a host of other disorders.
Yes, I’m perfectly sane now that I know what you have been up to. Your viewers may wonder why I have quit drawing or doing other creative things lately. The answer to that is simple, you bastards essentially steal everything I do. I was used to not making hardly any money on my work before, but now that I know what’s going on I know that you creeps will never allow me to make anything worth while. You want to keep your victim weak and impoverished. That keeps you safe from legal prosecution, among other things. You sadistic cowards will only strike people you are sure can’t strike back.
You, Dana, in particular, are possibly the most nauseating hypocrite I have ever met. I love that bit of bullshit you put on your FB page, about how your “religion is compassion”. Yea, right, but only if you are paid very well for it. I know how much money you people in the charity scam make and one has to wonder how there is anything left for the kids after you so generously help yourself to that pie.
I know you shits like to share many of the letters and emails I send you with your public if they help reinforce the popular prejudice you’ve created that I am crazy, so I doubt you will share this one. I’m sure you want as little fact and truth to seep out to your audience. For instance I know you did that sickening cameo on your show where you pretended to be a good friend to me but I was too crazy to help. I’m sure the reality that you were so actively interfering with my life to create situations for your fucking show along with all the other sick garbage you were doing to me may call that portrayal of things into question. It is for this reason that I post these things and make them searchable.

The so called “Rabbit hole” has no bottom in sight!


Funny how jews are only supposed to be a little over 2% of the population of this country, yet it seems nearly EVERYONE I have dealings with turns out to be a jew. Sure, I’m sure the real number may be a bit higher, after all, they don’t want to alarm the goyim. Also they always seem to coagulate in cities, preferably large cities, and since I grew up in the San Fernando Valley near Hollywood it stands to reason I’d know a lot of them. We also need to take into consideration I am in show business, not intentionally on my part, but my being involved with entertainment guarantees I will have globs of jews glomming onto me. OK, so I shouldn’t be surprised I am surrounded by them, that they are even lurking behind the scenes interfering with, not only our lives, but me personally. I don’t know why they focus on me so much. Ever since 5th grade when that bitch Ms. Schniedermann was hellbent on using her authority over me to destroy my life even before I got started in the world I have had major trouble with jews. I didn’t even wake up to the seriousness of the jew situation till recently, but this tribe has been riding my ass hard since grade school. It would be tedious for me to name every single jew I have either known personally or worked with over the years, just believe me when I tell you that easily over half of the people I knew growing up have been jews, and since my discovery of that show or whatever it is things have gotten even yet more weird. Those of you who are even superficially aware of my story will be familiar with the name Dana Brownfield who has been deeply involved with and very busy in setting me up and spying on me for at least the past 20 years. Well, check this out:

I should have known this all along. She always kept company with the greasiest, fattest jews, she “worked” in non-profit (which is a total jew scam. They keep most of the money they either collect or have access to), her retarded liberal politics (at least they WOULD be retarded if she were White, but since she’s a yid they make perfect, Satanic sense) AND, here’s the kicker, her biological father is a screaming, flaming butt fucking faggot homosexual. He’s so damned gay he went and got AIDS on purpose. One of those “bug chasers” I guess you call them. I’m not even sure that queer is still alive. Anyway, you get the picture.

Also, one of my theories about this whole Community Access Television deal is that my evil half sister’s biological father is behind it. I suspect my twisted sister must have lied accusing me of something awful so her deadbeat dad is behind it. Some kind of twisted “retribution” project or something. Probably based on something I supposedly did as a child, only I didn’t do anything bad as a child, my sister’s just a nut-job.

Growing up I was always given to understand we didn’t know who her father was (she was a little bastard, LITERALLY!), but I have reason to suspect they all really did know and that I was the only one kept in the dark. I also strongly suspect she somehow benefits from that criminal production. Naturally if her father is in show business and pulls any weight I think it’s very likely he is himself jewish. He claims to be Italian, but many of them pretend to be Italian, or he could actually have some Italian in his make up. So my sister could be half jew (which would certainly explain why she has always been such a neurotic bitch). Also, what just hit me that prompted me to write this, her married name is Mollner. I was always told that names ending in “ner” are jewish, and, a few minutes on Google has just proven that there are a good many jews actually named Mollner.


Another funny thing, my sister used to hang out with neo nazis. Andy Merrit and his father, who was some kind of big shot in the movement. His sister, whose daughter I went to school with, was married to an Israeli. At least that’s my impression. He looked like a Mexican, but he was in the restaurant business. Jews love owning restaurants. Also they had the daughter taking Hebrew classes.

Anyway this shit is really freaking me the fuck out.

No wonder I don’t even seem to own my own work or even my own life. You know that according to Talmudic law gentiles have no rights and can own no property. Sounds very familiar to me since I never made even the smallest profit off my own work, in fact, it’s only cost me not only my time but my own money. It just seems like I did all the work while these hebes have been milking it for their own benefit.

Oh man, this stuff is literally making me sick to my stomach.